Veggie Pizza Recipes

Vegetarian pizza recipes, like mushroom pizza, pizza margherita, and pizza marinara are some of the most beloved traditional pizzas. Allrecipes has all these and more.

Staff Picks

Vegetarian's Delight Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 32
Here's my version for a quick veggie pizza, based on the combinations offered by many pizza chains. You can make adjustments to the quantities and choice of vegetables depending on what you like.
By Rani

Brick-Oven Pizza (Brooklyn Style)

Rating: 5 stars 213
This is a simple recipe for authentic brick-oven pizza made famous by several, well-known Brooklyn pizzerias. Best accompanied by ice-cold pilsner-style lager beer.

Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 241
A very interesting appetizer pizza. Sounds strange, but everyone will love the unique combination of fragrant pears and distinctive Gorgonzola.
By Brian Golden

Allie's Mushroom Pizza

Rating: 4 stars 173
A simple mushroom spinach pizza, much better then takeout pizza!

Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza - No Red Sauce!

Rating: 4.5 stars 110
This pesto-based pizza is an amazingly simple and delicious variation to your regular pizza. Adapted from a pizza idea at a popular Neapolitan pizza restaurant in Washington DC, it'll take minutes to make and will disappear in even less time!
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Veggie Ranch Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 63
Delicious and loaded with fresh veggies, this is pizza for people who want a change from tomato sauce. Use any fresh veggies and any pizza crust. Use light dressing and reduced-fat cheese for an even more healthful meal.

Fresh Pesto Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 19
This is a basic vegetarian pizza that you can tweak to make your own special go-to dish. It's quick and easy and is the meal I plan for those busy nights when I can't spend much time in the kitchen.

Veggie Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 515
An easy, fresh take on a favorite dish, packed with crunchy vegetables.

Potato Chip Pizza

Rating: 5 stars 2
The first time I saw potatoes offered as a pizza topping, I thought that was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen. But then I tried it and realized that if done properly, they can be a fantastic pizza topping. The only problem is they're extremely hard to do properly since they need to cook through by the time our crust is done, which, long story short, led me to try potato chips, which worked out astonishingly well.

Mike's Homemade Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars 177
A great recipe for homemade pizza dough and sauce. The sauce is especially good. Top with whatever you like.

Quick and Easy Cauliflower Crust Personal Pizza

Rating: 4 stars 6
A convenient, quick, low-cost way to whip up a yummy cauliflower pizza (or flatbread) for one. Buy inexpensive frozen cauliflower when on sale and thaw as needed to make a single crust. Uses just a few ingredients I always have on hand. The seeds are carried in the health section of grocery stores, even in my small town. You could leave them out, but I recommend them for added nutrition-especially iron, fiber, and protein.

Inspiration and Ideas

Homemade Veggie Pizza
Rating: Unrated 28
"This has become my go-to recipe for pizza dough and sauce. I always mix up the veggies and cheeses, but it's definitely a keeper for my family." – Eva
What Is Grandma Pizza and Where Does It Get Its Name?
Never heard of this Sicilian-style pie? You really should remedy that ASAP.
Pizza On The Grill I
Rating: 4.5 stars 455

Even with a baking stone, a conventional oven is no match for a professional oven when it comes to making pizza. At home, or rather in your backyard, the grill is the way to go. The heat of a hot grill is perfect, and makes it possible to make incredible pizza at home. Use your favorite toppings, but keep in mind not to overload the pizza. Keep it light. Try it - everything is better on the grill!