Veggie Pizza Recipes

Looking for vegetarian pizza recipes? Allrecipes has more than 50 trusted vegetarian pizza recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips.

Staff Picks

Vegetarian's Delight Pizza

Rating: Unrated
Here's my version for a quick veggie pizza, based on the combinations offered by many pizza chains. You can make adjustments to the quantities and choice of vegetables depending on what you like.

Brick-Oven Pizza (Brooklyn Style)

Rating: Unrated
This is a simple recipe for authentic brick-oven pizza made famous by several, well-known Brooklyn pizzerias. Best accompanied by ice-cold pilsner-style lager beer.

Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza

Rating: Unrated
A very interesting appetizer pizza. Sounds strange, but everyone will love the unique combination of fragrant pears and distinctive Gorgonzola.

Allie's Mushroom Pizza

Rating: Unrated
A simple mushroom spinach pizza, much better then takeout pizza!

Butternut Squash Pizzas with Rosemary

Rating: Unrated
Yum, yum, yum!

Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza - No Red Sauce!

Rating: Unrated
This pesto-based pizza is an amazingly simple and delicious variation to your regular pizza. Adapted from a pizza idea at a popular Neapolitan pizza restaurant in Washington DC, it'll take minutes to make and will disappear in even less time!
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Veggie Ranch Pizza

Rating: Unrated
Delicious and loaded with fresh veggies, this is pizza for people who want a change from tomato sauce. Use any fresh veggies and any pizza crust. Use light dressing and reduced-fat cheese for an even more healthful meal.

Fresh Pesto Pizza

Rating: Unrated
This is a basic vegetarian pizza that you can tweak to make your own special go-to dish. It's quick and easy and is the meal I plan for those busy nights when I can't spend much time in the kitchen.

Homemade Veggie Pizza

Rating: Unrated
Of course, you could just order out, but nothing beats a homemade pizza. The sauce is so easy and hearty everyone will think you were in the kitchen all day cooking this up!

Vegetable Pizza I

Rating: Unrated
Quick and easy recipe that is great at parties and showers. You can use any combination of chopped veggies and cheeses-whatever your family likes!

Mike's Homemade Pizza

Rating: Unrated
A great recipe for homemade pizza dough and sauce. The sauce is especially good. Top with whatever you like.

Pesto Pizza

Rating: Unrated
A great alternative to your regular pizza.

Inspiration and Ideas

Homemade Veggie Pizza

"This has become my go-to recipe for pizza dough and sauce. I always mix up the veggies and cheeses, but it's definitely a keeper for my family." – Eva

Pesto Pizza

"Delicious and easy to make! You can be very creative with your toppings and pesto sauce." – new2cooking

Basil Goat Cheese Pizza

Rating: Unrated

This is among my husband's favorite dinners! The flavors compliment each other so well and it is so easy! I use frozen bread dough to speed the process. Set out dough before you leave for work and you are ready to go by the time you get home!