Ham Glaze Recipes

Honey glaze, fruit glaze, brown sugar glaze: get the best ideas for flavoring your ham, with tips and videos on how to glaze it.

Staff Picks

Cherry Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.69 stars
This cherry ham glaze give any ham a delicious, sweet, and slightly tart taste. I glazed a ham for Thanksgiving with this, and my company couldn't get enough of it. I was out of ham by the next day!

Sweet Pineapple Glaze for Ham

Rating: 4.5 stars
No matter when we are serving ham or even going to a family members house, this sauce is requested. It is so delicious! It is so incredibly simple, I feel bad getting praised!

Brown Sugar and Mustard Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.68 stars
This is a recipe that my mother used to use for her holiday baked ham. It is a wonderful sweet and sour glaze. The best part is that you can adjust it to be sweeter by using more brown sugar or sour by using more mustard.

Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.53 stars
This is a delish ham glaze that's made with mango chutney and orange juice.

Apple Butter Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.64 stars
I was looking for a way to use the last of my homemade apple butter and thought it would make a great ham glaze. We tried it and my hubby couldn't get enough. Hope you like it too!

Annette's Great Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.45 stars
This has been a favorite among family and friends for years! I hope you enjoy it too.

Apricot and Honey Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.64 stars
I found this recipe years ago and use this glaze whenever I make a ham now.

Honeyed Ham Glaze

Rating: 4.4 stars
A very quick and sweet ham glaze that's easy to make.

Inspiration and Ideas

Maple Glaze
Rating: Unrated
"I wanted to try something different than the same ol' standby I've used for years. Absolutely loved it! This ham glaze beats my old standby hands-down." – naples34102
9 Sweet and Fruity Ham Glazes
Get ready to amaze with glaze! The key to a great baked ham is all in the glaze.