Champagne Drinks Recipes

From brunch to New Year's Eve, mimosas and other champagne cocktails are among the most festive of party drinks.

Staff Picks

Annex Theater Champagne Cocktail

Rating: 4.5 stars
Three simple ingredients: Champagne, sugar and Angostura bitters add up to an elegant and refreshing sipper.

Sicilian Sunset

Rating: 4.58 stars
This colorful drink will brighten up any party. Lemon-lime soda can be substituted for the Prosecco for a non-alcoholic version.

The Champagne Cocktail

Rating: 3.25 stars
With a little pear brandy and a bit of fruit compote, this makes a great pre-dinner cocktail. Serve it in a tall champagne flute.


Rating: 4.89 stars
A close replica of my favorite steakhouse drink. Peachy and frozen, made from peach schnapps, vodka, champagne, and fuzzy navel mixer.

Holiday Mimosa

Rating: 4.7 stars
A real treat for the holidays. My family enjoys these on Christmas morning.

Bad Day

Rating: 3.83 stars
A delicious champagne drink with a nice little kick. Easy to drink and it looks very stylish.


Rating: 4.49 stars
This is a nice holiday cocktail. We always serve this at our Christmas Eve open house. It has such a nice taste!!

Rise 'n Shine Juice

Rating: 4.71 stars
Great for Xmas Brunch, or anytime adults would like a tasty champagne punch! You can substitute your favorite fruit juice for orange juice.

Blackberry-Lime Mimosa

Most mimosas start with a splash of orange juice, but this mimosa takes advantage of the tart bite of lime and blackberries, lending for a vibrant red mimosa perfect for a Christmas brunch or Valentine breakfast.


Rating: 4.61 stars
A traditional brunch beverage. Enjoy this light delight on Mother's Day, Christmas, or any special occasion.

Champagne Punch III

Rating: 4.73 stars
Fruity, but not too sweet. I've added more club soda to make it a little lighter. All ingredients can be adjusted to your own personal taste. Keep the punch cool with ice cubes or an ice ring.

Classic Bellini Cocktail

The Bellini was created in the late 1930s to early 1940s by Guiseppe Cipriani at the legendary Harry's Bar in Venice, a favorite hangout for expats including Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, and Orson Welles. The fruity cocktail owes its name and color to Cipriani's fascination with Giovanni Bellini, a 15th-century Venetian artist. Originally prepared with Prosecco and white peach puree, it's perfectly acceptable to use yellow peach puree or prepared peach nectar and/or peach schnapps. Sip and feel sophisticated!

Inspiration and Ideas

Party Mimosa
Rating: Unrated
"Such a great twist on the mimosa. This was absolutely delicious! A hit at brunch." – madouja
Nectar of the Gods -A Champagne Beverage
Rating: Unrated
"I'm not a champagne drinker at all, but I'm hooked on this one." – DIZ♥

Cranberry Rum Mimosa

The sweetness of the coconut rum and tartness of the cranberry juice are a perfect pair combined with your favorite champagne!