Margarita Recipes

Classic margarita recipes are sweet and sour, feature great tequila, and sometimes even beer. Find them all right here.

Staff Picks

Lauren's Grapefruit Margaritas

Rating: Unrated
Grapefruit and lime are the perfect refreshing combination for this margarita. Fresh juices taste so much better than store-bought.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Rating: Unrated
We serve these when friends come over and they are always sure to liven up a party!

Dane's Frozen Peach Margaritas

Rating: Unrated
Peach season equals margarita season! Garnish with peach slice and lime slice. Enjoy.

A Fantastic Margarita

Rating: Unrated
My husband was a bartender for a trendy restaurant when we met. Here's one of his home versions! Garnish with a lime wedge or an orange wedge.

Mexicali Beer Margaritas

Rating: Unrated
This is a variation of another posted 'Beer Margarita' with a little extra 'oomph.' It's quite delicious.

Kiwi Margarita

Rating: Unrated
What do you do when you find yourself with 5 pounds of kiwis? Make margaritas! With a zippy kick-in-the-pants, this is a great new way to enjoy an old favorite.

Bucket of Margaritas

Rating: Unrated
These slushy margaritas are made in the freezer. No blending required! But they must be made ahead to allow time to freeze.

Pomegranate Margarita

Rating: Unrated
Pomegranate juice and fresh lime make this a keeper, give your keys away before the first one hits...hahaha!

The Perfect Margarita

Rating: Unrated
Mastering the margarita requires a certain amount of practice, but once you dial-in your perfect ratio, it's a really easy cocktail to replicate. The classic recipe is 3 parts tequila, 2 parts triple sec, and 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice, and you should probably start off pretty close to that, but my personal favorite proportions are 4-3-2.

Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Rating: Unrated
A near perfect strawberry margarita with frozen strawberries and limeade concentrate.

Jalapeno Margaritas

Rating: Unrated
Margaritas with a spicy kick! The agave nectar and fresh lime juice make a big difference. Include the jalapeno seeds for an extra kick!


Rating: Unrated
I have been asked by everyone, 'How do you make your margaritas?' Everyone says I make the best. I like them, maybe you will too.

Inspiration and Ideas

Strawberry Beer Margaritas

These beer margaritas get a flavorful twist with the addition of tequila-soaked strawberries!

7 Margaritas Full of Fruits and Veggies

Get your fruits and vegetables in one of the most delicious ways possible.

Margarita Jell-O® Shots

Rating: Unrated

I had to make hundreds of Jell-O® shots for a wedding, so I decided to have fun with them and try out some new mixes. This was my margarita-flavored shot, a bit strong but good if you want variety with your selection. If you want them more palatable, substitute water for a bit of the alcohol.