Cooking Lunch for Two Recipes

Browse more than 80 lunch recipes perfect for just the two of you. Find recipes for lunch complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips.

Staff Picks

Mama's Best Broiled Tomato Sandwich

Rating: 4.59 stars
A broiled sandwich, made of fresh seasoned tomatoes, with an Italian taste. A perfect match for soup.

Eggplant Sandwiches

Rating: 4.72 stars
Roasted eggplant in a French roll with feta cheese, basil and garlic mayonnaise. This was my favorite sandwich of all time, adapted from a cafe at the University of California, Irvine.

Divine Summertime Chicken Sandwich

Rating: 4.29 stars
Pan-fried chicken breasts with a fresh cream cheese dill spread and tomatoes and lettuce on toasty French bread, YUMMY! Oh so good with a glass of wine or lemonade! You can also grill your chicken breasts for extra flavor.

Beth's Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Rating: 4.41 stars
This is a quick, delicious and healthy way to enjoy an American classic!

Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Rating: 4.64 stars
Grilled cheese with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos-- tastier than the original!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Rating: 4.77 stars
Bread, butter and Cheddar cheese - here's a way to make this classic sandwich in a nonstick pan.

Crab Legs with Garlic Butter Sauce

Rating: 4.69 stars
I ended up getting some snow crab legs on sale at the market. I wanted something a little different from plain steamed, boiled, or grilled crab legs, so I ended up throwing a few things together to make this awesome crab leg dish. Enjoy! This would be great with shrimp as well.

Chicken, Asparagus, and Mushroom Skillet

Rating: 4.46 stars
Chicken, asparagus, and mushrooms are sauteed in a garlic and olive oil base. You can add more mushrooms if desired. Serve with rice or pasta, and a glass of white wine!!!

Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

Rating: 4.45 stars
Many Vietnamese dishes are perfect for hot weather. This simple noodle salad combines fresh herbs, rice vermicelli, cucumber, bean sprouts, and more, topped with grilled shrimp. Tossed with a tangy sweet and sour sauce, it's a simple and satisfying dinner.

Easy Chorizo Street Tacos

Rating: 4.71 stars
5 ingredients, amazing tacos.

Tuna Egg Sandwich

Rating: 4.2 stars
This is just an old-fashioned tuna egg sandwich that is simple and quick to make! My grandparents make these and tell me that this is the 'correct' way to make a hearty sandwich!

Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling

Rating: 4.43 stars
Serve this tasty sandwich spread on crusty whole grain rolls or pita bread, with lettuce and tomato. Other raw, chopped vegetables can be substituted for the celery. Your favorite salad dressing can be substituted for the mayo.

Inspiration and Ideas

Lazy Girl Pizza Margherita

Just because you're feeling lazy doesn't mean your lunch can't be flavorful. This hack for pizza makes a quick lunch nearly gourmet.

Ham And Pear Panini

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing take on the same ol' ham and cheese sandwich." – MegSwen