Breakfast Ham Recipes

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Staff Picks

Sharon's Egg and Ham Scramble

Rating: Unrated
This is my original recipe, although there might be a zillion egg recipes very similar to it. The number of servings depends upon your appetite and what else is on the table to go with it.

Huevos Rancheros Brunch Casserole with Ham and Cheese

This casserole layers corn tortillas, black beans, ham, cheese, and eggs for a delicious brunch inspired by huevos rancheros. Drizzle with hot sauce, if desired.

Eggs Benedict Breakfast Pizza

Rating: Unrated
Super easy to make with all the great flavor of Eggs Benedict. Feed a crowd.

Scrambled Egg Brunch Bread

Rating: Unrated
Perfect for brunch, this beautiful braid is filled with eggs, ham, and cheese. Using refrigerated crescent rolls makes it a snap to prepare.

Brunch Enchiladas

Rating: Unrated
Enchiladas filled with ham, vegetables and cheese and baked in a creamy egg batter.

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Tortillas

Rating: Unrated
This is great for a special brunch or even a quick and easy dinner. Other breakfast meats can be used, but the deli ham is the easiest since it is already fully cooked.

American Frittata

Rating: Unrated
A simple frittata for the whole family. You may substitute your favorite sausage for ham in this recipe if you wish.

Make-Ahead Baked Egg Sandwiches

Rating: Unrated
Easy baked egg breakfast sandwiches. Another frugal recipe that can be made ahead and frozen, then microwaved for fast breakfasts on the run. Try using other cheeses for extra flavor. I used Colby-Jack Slices. My boys loved this recipe!

Quiche Lorraine with Ham

Rating: Unrated
I think this must be the original quiche - the old standby from which all others derived. This is a really delicious dish.

Ham with Red Eye Gravy

Rating: Unrated
The way the bitter coffee marries with the sweet, smoky fat is far from unpleasant, and infinitely better than simply pouring the pan drippings over your food.

Madame Cristo - Grilled Ham and Cheese

Rating: Unrated
What started as a Croque Madame with custard instead of the usual white sauce turned into a Monte Cristo with a poached egg on top. Unable call it a Croque Madame anymore, I turned to Twitter for help. Some dude who goes by the name Zap Shakur suggested I go with Madame Cristo, and the rest is history. Top with poached or fried eggs and garnish with fresh chives.

Western Omelet

Rating: Unrated
This is the ultimate Western omelet! You can even put red bell peppers and sausage in it, if you like.

Inspiration and Ideas

Ham Cups and Eggs

Rating: Unrated
"This recipe is about as simple as it gets and it is delicious. I even put some crumbled blue cheese in the potatoes and it was very tasty." – Morgan K Dee

Cheesy Ham and Hash Brown Casserole

Rating: Unrated
"Have a great new quick and easy lunch, brunch, or anytime meal in minutes. Great for holidays!" – Elaine Womack

Baked Omelet Squares

Rating: Unrated

This is a family favorite for Christmas morning. We serve this along with sausage balls for a great Christmas brunch. Very easy and delicious!