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Skyline Chili II

Rating: Unrated
Super spicy chili con carne! Serve over spaghetti or some other type of pasta, topped with shredded Colby cheese and additional chopped onions if desired. This comes out almost black in color and is VERY HOT!

Terrific Turkey Chili

Rating: Unrated
Using some fresh and some canned ingredients, this chili is a snap to throw together and will keep you craving it for days. Chunky zucchini, fresh green onion, sour cream, and - what the heck - shredded Cheddar cheese, are sure to make this your favorite chili recipe. If you like beans in your chili, garbanzos right out of the can are great in this.

Paleo Chili

Rating: Unrated
Paleo (eating like our pre-agricultural revolution ancestors ate) chili is made without beans. In the west we typically include beans, but I think even non-paleo eaters will enjoy this deep smoky flavorful chili. This is best made a day ahead so the flavors can meld together. Serve with green onions and sour cream.

Instant Pot® No-Bean Turkey Chili

Rating: Unrated
We all know true chili uses beef and no beans, but this is so flavorful you won't miss the beef. This turkey chili is cooked in the Instant Pot® with minimal ingredients which makes it budget-friendly! Feel free to add additional toppings like chopped onion, cheese, sour cream, scallions, etc.

Hatch Chili

Rating: Unrated
I've been making this Hatch green chili for years and it never fails to please!

Chili Paneer

Rating: Unrated
My husband loves this recipe. It never goes wrong!

Jeff's Hot Dog Chili

Rating: Unrated
A really good chili sauce like I had as a kid. This took me many years to get the ingredients just right. Hope you enjoy.

Authentic Cincinnati Chili

Rating: Unrated
This was handed down to me by Mom, a Cincinnati native. Skimming the fat makes this a healthier version than most, and gives it the right consistency. I like mine 4-way, with spaghetti, raw chopped onions, grated mild cheddar, and oyster crackers!

Pork Chili Verde (Green Pork Chili)

Rating: Unrated
This chili verde was one of the first recipes I ever learned. It comes out great even if you don't brown the meat, but I think doing so always adds extra flavor so I usually do it.
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Spicy Slow-Cooked Beanless Chili

Rating: Unrated
If you like spicy food like me, you will enjoy this chili; it's not for the faint of heart.

Creamy Keto Taco Soup with Ground Beef

Rating: Unrated
This keto-friendly, low-carb, Southwestern taco soup is full of ground beef, cream cheese, heavy cream, and spices. Freezing is not recommended.

Pumpkin Turkey Chili

Rating: Unrated
Absolutely delicious. I know it doesn't sound appetizing, but it's unbelievable how tasty it is, and so easy too!
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Inspiration and Ideas

Tori's Beanless Chili

"Tons of flavor, and the perfect consistency. A new favorite!" – justcookin

Chef John's Cincinnati-Style Chili

Rating: Unrated

You'll love this chili if you tend to like foods from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Greek food, or Indian food, because of the spices and flavor profile. If you don't, you won't. If you finish this dish off with some diced onions and grated Cheddar cheese like I did, you'll be enjoying what they call in Cincinnati a "Four-Way," because of the four components, but feel free to serve as you like.