German Cookie Recipes

Make a traditional German cookie, like pfeffernusse, springerle, or lebkuchen, to your next cookie plate. Browse Allrecipes' trusted German cookie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips.

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Rating: 4.5 stars
Spicy German cookies.

Traditional Pfefferneusse

Rating: 4 stars
Family recipe for German peppernuts. Small, dense spice cookies that are tantalizing when dipped in coffee, or great on their own. This is the traditional version with molasses.

Springerle IV

Rating: 4.92 stars
This springerle cookie recipe is made with anise oil.


Rating: 4.25 stars
A German twice-baked cookie.


Rating: 4.58 stars
For the holiday season.

Vanille Kipferl I

Rating: 4.56 stars
This recipe is known in America as almond crescents. I converted the measurements and translated this recipe that has been in my family for generations. It's a German Christmas cookie.

Pfeffernusse Cookies

Rating: 4.69 stars
I have searched far and wide for a recipe that mimics my favorite, store-bought version of these cookies. I think, after days of thrown-out cookies, I have come as close as I can get.

Old German Honey Cookies

Rating: 4.22 stars
I got this recipe from my grandmother who got it from her grandmother. She had to translate it and then figure out measurements. The original recipe called for "enough flour to make a dough". Thankfully grandma knew what kind of dough.

Coconut Macaroons German Style

Rating: 4.26 stars
Kokosmakronen, the German style macaroon. These are more of a meringue cookie. A must for the Holidays.

Berliner Kranzer

Rating: 4.3 stars
German Christmas cookie (orange-flavored wreaths).

German Lebkuchen

Rating: 4.65 stars
A German honey Christmas cookie made with molasses.

Lebkuchen I

Rating: 4.5 stars
Lebkuchen is a traditional German holiday cookie. It is high in spicy flavor.

Ideas and Inspiration

Traditional German Christmas Cookies
Here are some of our best traditional German Christmas cookies, for a real Old World holiday.
Pfeffernuesse Cookie Mix
Rating: Unrated
"Spicy German cookie." - Pat K.

Bethmaennchen (German Marzipan Christmas Cookies)

Bethmännchen are a marzipan specialty from Frankfurt, Germany. It translates to "little praying men". They can easily be made at home, It's important to only use very neatly halved almonds for good-looking Bethmännchen.