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The Rebbetzin Chef's Persian Walnut Cookies

Rating: Unrated
These delicately-spiced, rose-scented cookies are the perfect treat for Passover since they contain no flour. They are nutty and rich, slightly chewy with a crunchy exterior. Pistachios or almonds can be substituted for the walnuts.

Thai Coconut and Cocoa Macaroons

Rating: Unrated
Thai cookies always have something unusual going on with them. These macaroon style cookies mix coconut, cocoa, and lime juice to create an interesting snack.

Philippine Butter Cookies

Rating: Unrated
These are also called Puto Seco. This is a tasty, butter cookie that is complimented with a cup of tea. The cornstarch in the recipe makes them light and crunchy.


Rating: Unrated
A simple traditional Arabic recipe for cookies similar to shortbread. The wonderful flavor comes from the cardamom, which is fairly expensive, but very worth it. I actually prefer them without the almonds, but you might add them if you like.

Indian Spiced Rice Treats

Rating: Unrated
This is a variation on the traditional crispy rice cereal treat with an international twist! Cashews, golden raisins and cardamom are thrown into the mix for an exotic Indian flair.

Chinese Restaurant Almond Cookies

Rating: Unrated
It's been said that the lard is what produces the traditional taste. However, if desired, butter or margarine may be substituted for very satisfactory results.

Barquillos (Wafer Rolls)

Rating: Unrated
This is a Filipino delicacy. I personally love this. I hope you enjoy this one.

Mamool or Ma'amoul

Rating: Unrated
Ma'amoul means filled in Arabic. These are very popular in Lebanon but can be found throughout the Middle East and North Africa. They are traditionally shaped as crescents or as pressed cookies and have several variations for the fillings. This one has a walnut filling, but you can use almonds or pistachios too.

Fortune Cookies I

Rating: Unrated
Write your own fortunes and place them in cookies. Great for parties.

Ma'amoul (Lebanese Date Cookies)

Rating: Unrated
After a few phone calls with my mom and grandma, I managed to write a detailed recipe for one of my favorite Lebanese sweets, ma'amoul. They take time to make, but are not very difficult. Wooden ma'amoul molds give them their distinctive decorative shapes.

Fortune Cookies So Easy

Rating: Unrated
Taste and look just like the ones you get at a Chinese restaurant! I was very pleased with my first attempt baking these! Adding your own personalized message allows you to create great favors for any occasion! Alternatively, I have rolled these into tube-like cigar shapes and filled them with icing for other occasions which have been a crowd pleaser!

Homemade Fortune Cookies

Rating: Unrated
Whether it's sharing a positive prophecy with a friend, proposing marriage, or passive-aggressively letting your roommate know they need to do their dishes, nothing does the job quite like a fortune cookie. The key is to work quickly; you'll want to insert your fortunes and shape these light, crispy cookies right as they come out of the oven. Wearing gloves might be a good idea!

Inspiration and Ideas

Tahini Butter Cookies

Rating: Unrated
This cookie recipe is from Israel. Tahini can be found in most grocery stores or health food stores. If you still have trouble finding it, it's sure to be found in a Middle Eastern grocery store. Enjoy!

Arabic Cookies

Rating: Unrated
These cookies are very good and I got this out of my mother's personal recipes. This recipe is from a Lebanese woman who was a friend of my mother's.

Date Brownies

Rating: Unrated

This was the recipe for date pie that my great grandmother from Syria used to make. I call them 'Date Brownies' because I cut them in squares. I'm never going to understand how such an easy recipe is according to everyone I know 'my specialty.'