Asian Cookie Recipes

From dim sum almond cookies to sweet bean paste manju, Lebanese date cookies to Persian walnut cookies, find delicious Asian cookie recipes to add to your repertoire.

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Manju (Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Cookies)

Rating: 4 stars 5
These baked manju are filled with koshi an, a smooth paste made of red (azuki) beans and sugar. This recipe uses canned koshi an from the Asian grocery, which saves hours of work.

The Rebbetzin Chef's Persian Walnut Cookies

Rating: 4 stars 30
These delicately-spiced, rose-scented cookies are the perfect treat for Passover since they contain no flour. They are nutty and rich, slightly chewy with a crunchy exterior. Pistachios or almonds can be substituted for the walnuts.

Philippine Butter Cookies

Rating: 4 stars 22
These are also called Puto Seco. This is a tasty, butter cookie that is complimented with a cup of tea. The cornstarch in the recipe makes them light and crunchy.

Thai Coconut and Cocoa Macaroons

Rating: 4.5 stars 14
Thai cookies always have something unusual going on with them. These macaroon style cookies mix coconut, cocoa, and lime juice to create an interesting snack.

Rose Petal Cookies

Rating: 5 stars 2
These cookies feature both rose water and dried rose petals for a delicate rose flavor and pretty pink flecks in each bite.

Ghraybeh Cookies

Rating: 4.5 stars 8
This rich Mediterranean butter cookie is named after the Arabic word for 'swoon', ghraybeh. The key ingredient for these exotic treats is the semolina.
By Grethel

Chinese Restaurant Almond Cookies

Rating: 4.5 stars 168
It's been said that the lard is what produces the traditional taste. However, if desired, butter or margarine may be substituted for very satisfactory results.

Barquillos (Wafer Rolls)

Rating: 4.5 stars 20
This is a Filipino delicacy. I personally love this. I hope you enjoy this one.

Ma'amoul (Lebanese Date Cookies)

Rating: 5 stars 3
After a few phone calls with my mom and grandma, I managed to write a detailed recipe for one of my favorite Lebanese sweets, ma'amoul. They take time to make, but are not very difficult. Wooden ma'amoul molds give them their distinctive decorative shapes.

Homemade Fortune Cookies

Rating: 4.5 stars 11
Whether it's sharing a positive prophecy with a friend, proposing marriage, or passive-aggressively letting your roommate know they need to do their dishes, nothing does the job quite like a fortune cookie. The key is to work quickly; you'll want to insert your fortunes and shape these light, crispy cookies right as they come out of the oven. Wearing gloves might be a good idea!

Indian Spiced Rice Treats

Rating: 4.5 stars 35
This is a variation on the traditional crispy rice cereal treat with an international twist! Cashews, golden raisins and cardamom are thrown into the mix for an exotic Indian flair.

Almond Cookies (Dim Sum Variety)

Rating: 5 stars 41
These almond cookies are what you would typically find in Chinese dim sum restaurants in Hawaii. A lot of these neighborhood dim sum stores/restaurants have closed down recently, so it's nice to be able to still enjoy these cookies from your own kitchen. If you enjoy the flavor of almonds, you'll love these cookies. This is a simple recipe and is a favorite in my family. Give it a try!

Inspiration and Ideas

Lunar New Year Peanut Cookies
Rating: Unrated 5
The dough for these addictive, delicate cookies (known as hua sheng bing in Mandarin) begins in the food processor, but you'll want to finish it by hand to keep it from becoming oily. For extra peanut flavor, use unrefined or semi-refined peanut oil, which smells and tastes nuttier. Cookies keep up to 3 days chilled in an airtight container, layers separated by waxed paper, or frozen up to 3 months.
Lipardo's Puto Seco
Rating: Unrated 17
"This cookie recipe is one of my favorite Filipino foods which is tasty, nutritious, and affordable." - MARIAM AYUB
Fortune Cookies
Rating: 4 stars 254

Write your own fortunes and place them in cookies. Great for parties.