Springerle Cookie Recipes

Springerle, made with carved cookie molds or rolling pins, are a beautiful addition to any cookie plate. Let us help you make them, with trusted springerle recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips.

Staff Picks

Springerle I

Rating: 4.44 stars
This is the old German recipe ... belonged to my mom-in-law at the time. I've been baking these for the past 30+ years! It remains a family favorite!! Look for a springerle rolling pin in antique stores.

Springerle IV

Rating: 4.92 stars
This springerle cookie recipe is made with anise oil.

Anise Cookies (Springerle)

Rating: 4.18 stars
This is a 100 year old recipe from Germany. I use it every Christmas. Its traditionally served with black coffee to dunk the cookie in. I prefer to eat them when they are still warm as the lemon flavor and the anise is a wonderful combination and the lemon is stronger at that time.

Traditional Springerle

Rating: 4.48 stars
We have made these very traditional German cookies every year since I was a child. My mother remembers her grandmother making them with this recipe that has been in our family for generations. The molds can be hard to find, but check specialty cookware stores and antique shops.

Orange-Flavored Springerle Cookies

Rating: 5 stars
This recipe is the most genuine, using hartshorn (baker's ammonia) as the leavening agent to add crispness. Baking powder can be used as an alternative. Store them in an airtight container for a week before serving, allowing the flavors to develop. The cookies can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 month.

Meringue Springerle Cookies

A lighter, crisper version of springerle, made with egg whites. Store in airtight containers in the freezer. They will keep for months and improve with age.

Inspiration and Ideas

Springerle V
These beautiful traditional cookies will go down a treat this Christmas.
Traditional Springerle
No need to break the mold this season. There's a reason these traditional cookies have been around for hundreds of years!