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Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Rating: Unrated
The Chicago Dog is a Windy City classic, and a big favorite with sports fans! The frank must be all-beef, the bun must be poppyseed, the ingredients must be piled onto the bun in the order specified. And whatever you do, don't spoil the splendor with ketchup!
Spinach Dips

Chicago Dip

Rating: Unrated
A spinach dip that can be warmed or used chilled. Either way it always vanishes at our place and the rave reviews just keep coming! After dip is finished, break off pieces of the bread bowl and enjoy the best part of all.

Chicago-Style Pan Pizza

Rating: Unrated
This is the best Chicago-style pizza that I have ever had. Make sure that you use the Parmesan in hard triangle form. It tastes so much better when you grate it yourself.
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Grandma's Polish Perogies

Rating: Unrated
My grandfather is Polish, and his mother taught my grandmother how to make these delicious perogies. The recipe has been in the family for generations, with a few alterations of course! Serve plain, or with butter, sour cream, bacon, etc. Perfecting the perogie technique takes time, and after a while, you will develop your own system.
Chicken Thighs

Chicago's Chicken Vesuvio

Rating: Unrated
This Chicago original is a one-pan dish that starts on the stove and finishes in the oven. It's made with browned chicken-on-the-bone pieces, baked with garlic, onion, and yukon gold potato wedges sopped in white wine. Garnish with a lovely pan sauce and peas (or baby lima beans yummm!). Once an economic meal named for Mt. Vesuvio near Naples, it has turned into a signature Chicago dish that you'll absolutely love.
Pizza Dough and Crusts

The Real Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dough

Rating: Unrated
I have it on good authority that this is the real deep dish pizza dough that's used in Chicago. The real thing is nothing like bread, or even pizza, dough. It is a buttery, flaky crust that is achieved by: 1) using corn oil (not butter) and 2) minimal mixing and kneading times. The pizza itself is built with cheese, toppings, and sauce, in that order. I suggest you use 6-in-1® tomatoes which are far superior to other brands. Classico® ground tomatoes are very similar. Contrary to popular opinion, cornmeal is not used in the dough by Chicago pizzerias.
Beef Chili

Sharon's Awesome Chicago Chili

Rating: Unrated
Every time I make this chili, people beg for the recipe. My husband wants this made at least once a month. It is delicious topped with shredded Cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza

Rating: Unrated
For this tasty Chicago-style stuffed pizza, a deep-dish pizza is stuffed with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onions and green pepper. It's excellent!
Strip Steak

New York Strip Chicago Style

Rating: Unrated
New York Strip on a grill has never been easier. This recipe is easy and ingredients are usually around the house!
Macaroni Salad

Chicago Macaroni Salad

Rating: Unrated
My family is from Chicago. This is one of my grandma's best recipes that's been handed down. Kids love it because of the cheese cubes! It's a great potluck dish because it has a lot of color! I use salad macaroni because of its small size.
Polish Recipes

Chicago Style Roast Duck

Rating: Unrated
Crisp and moist duck roasted like my Polish grandmother used to make.
Baked Salmon

Chicago Hot Dog-Style Salmon

Rating: Unrated
The dressing of a decadent hot dog on a super-healthy salmon fillet. Building on the deliciousness of a mustard-glazed salmon, this recipe adds the bold, bright flavors associated with Chicago hot dogs--white onion, dill pickle, tomato, sport peppers, and celery seed. Serve with green beans or asparagus.