Sugar Snap Pea Recipes

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Staff Picks

Beef and Vegetable Ragout

Rating: Unrated
Lean version of traditional French stew. Serve over wide noodles.
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Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas

Rating: Unrated
Quick and easy pasta dish with a little bite that will make anyone look like a gourmet chef. Adjust the chili oil to your own spice level.
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Spring Pea Medley with Edible Bowl

Rating: Unrated
If you like fresh peas, this is the way to go. It must be done in the Spring with fresh peas. Careful not to get over grown peas, which are woody. Look for smaller peas, and you will LOVE this spring time pea medley. It's BEAUTIFUL, too!

Sugar Snap Peas

Rating: Unrated
Delicious and easy recipe for sugar snap peas!

Sesame Shrimp Stir-Fry

Rating: Unrated
This quick and tasty main dish has a double hit of sesame oil and seeds that add nutty flavor to crisp peppers and shrimp.

Asian Sugar Snap Pea Appetizer

Rating: Unrated
Bursting with flavor, these Asian-inspired snap peas can be served hot as a side dish or chilled as a quick appetizer!

Veggie-Packed Chicken Fried Rice

Rating: Unrated
This better-than-takeout main dish cuts the grease and loads up on fresh vegetables. Get your kids involved by letting them choose which vegetables they want to include.
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Spicy Orange Chicken

Rating: Unrated
My Spicy Orange Chicken has the same flavor profile as its take-out counterpart, Orange Chicken: the sweet orange, the spicy chilies, and the Asian condiments. I make this without oil, making something much lighter and very tasty.
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Easy Ground Turkey Lo Mein

Rating: Unrated
This lo mein can be on the table in no time and is packed with flavor without having to use those fancy sauces. The excess liquid will be soaked up by the noodles. Top with sriracha sauce to taste (optional).

Stir Fried Sugar Snap Peas

Rating: Unrated
Living in China, I had to adapt to some foods I hadn't eaten before. Sugar snap peas have become one of my favorites, and while trying new concoctions, I came up with this delicious and easy recipe! Easy, green, and tasty - three of my favorite things!

Asian Shrimp Rice Bowl

Rating: Unrated
Easy to prepare ahead of time and so much great flavor! Serve this on square, Asian-inspired dinnerware with chopsticks for a gorgeous presentation.

Orange Chicken Stir-Fry

Rating: Unrated
Easily adaptable recipe for orange chicken stir-fry. Serve hot over rice.

Inspiration and Ideas

Fun Karnal (Beef and Broccoli)

Rating: Unrated
Instead of ordering out Chinese food, do it yourself. Great with white rice or sticky rice (jasmine rice). Family recipe! Substitute beef with 1/2-inch pieces chicken breast prepared the same as the beef above or 2 cups cooked shrimp prepared as above.