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Staff Picks

Steel-Cut Oats and Quinoa Breakfast

The best make-ahead breakfast! Full of fiber and protein will keep you full all morning. Keeps in the fridge for up to a week.

Bircher Muesli (Swiss Oatmeal)

This is a great breakfast that you can grab fast in the morning. It goes great with a hot cup of coffee. It also keeps very well so you can make some on Sunday night and enjoy it all week!

Overnight Oats Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Rating: 4.67 stars 17
I combined overnight oats with blueberries, banana, and almond vanilla milk and turned it into a yummy blueberry smoothie bowl! Top with whatever seeds, nuts or berries you enjoy!

Strawberry-Banana Freezer Oatmeal

Rating: 4.63 stars 7
In a hurry and don't have time to make breakfast? This recipe is ideal for a quick yet yummy breakfast. Just pop in the microwave and voila, your oatmeal is ready. Meal prep at its best.

Protein-Packed Baked Oatmeal

Rating: 5 stars 1
Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and nuts make this baked oatmeal a great option for those looking for a satisfying, protein-packed breakfast. Enjoy plain or with additional milk or yogurt.

Apple Oatmeal

Rating: 4.5 stars 2
Simple, sweet, filling, and wholesome. A great way to use fresh apples and cider during the autumn.

Super Duper Oatmeal

Rating: 4.07 stars 42
This oatmeal is sooo yummy and hearty! Soy milk may be used in place of the milk.

Instant Pot® Apple-Rosemary Steel-Cut Oats

Rating: 4 stars 3
Get ready to shake up your old morning routine with an exciting new flavor of oatmeal. The woodsy taste of rosemary goes so well with the autumn flavors of cinnamon and apple in this steel-cut oatmeal done in minutes! Dried dates give it just enough sweetness, and I loved it with pecans on top.

Sweet Coconut Oatmeal

Rating: 4.64 stars 13
Oatmeal is only as exciting as the stuff you put into it, since it's boring on its own. This dish is sweet and creamy, a tad exotic, and the kids will love it. If you want, prepare it the day before, refrigerate, and reheat in the microwave. Enjoy!

Greek Yogurt Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great way to start a day! I have it almost every morning, so to not get bored I add different toppings and vary the ingredients I put in, always healthy and always delicious! Greek yogurt goes fantastically with hot oats and makes it creamier, adds protein, and most important of all makes a standard bowl of oatmeal phenomenal! Sprinkle with some more cinnamon, if you desire.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Full of fiber and delicious flavor. A great way to start the day, or a hearty dessert!

Simple Savory Oatmeal

Rating: 4.88 stars 7
Want something savory in the morning, but needs to be quick and simple? This is it. I'd compare it most readily to a deluxe cheese grits recipe, but this has no cheese--and grits (unless instant) are typically a bunch more work. This was an alternative for my 10-year-old who always wanted eggs and sausage for breakfast. Fruits and brown sugar in the oatmeal wasn't cutting it.

Inspiration and Ideas

Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oats
"Great recipe! I doubled the recipe to freeze. Love waking up having a hot breakfast ready. :-)" – ajbrumbaugh
Overnight Chai Oatmeal
"This recipe was very good! It took less than 1 minute to mix!" – autias
Baked Oatmeal II
Rating: 4.53 stars

Found this recipe in Pennsylvania Amish country. Everyone who tries it, loves it!