Cranberry Dessert Recipes

You'll love this collection of top-rated cranberry dessert recipes. From cranberry cookies and bars to cranberry pies and coffee cakes, the cranberry rules!

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Sandy's Cranberry Coffee Cake

Rating: 5 stars 11
We have this every Christmas and Easter morning, as well as for company. I have given it as a gift when we are house guests as well.

Apple-Cranberry Crumble

Rating: 4.5 stars 9
Original recipe is a twist on my Mom's version. Fast and easy dessert, great for fall season when apples are freshest and the cranberries come in. I have made it without the apples or using frozen cranberries. I enjoy it as a dessert and as a breakfast treat around the Thanks-Mas season. Loaded with antioxidants! I have also made a wheat-free version using nut flour. Serve plain or topped with ice cream, whipped cream, or a drizzle of heavy cream.

15 Cranberry Cakes Bursting With Holiday Flavor

From cranberry upside-down cakes to cranberry breakfast cakes and even decadent cranberry cheesecakes, these cranberry cakes are worthy of your holiday dessert spread. 
By Melanie Fincher

Cranberry Clafouti

Rating: 4.5 stars 10
This will make an excellent desert for the holidays. Give them cranberries in a whole new way. I don't know how anyone can't love this dish. I was going make a Martha Stewart Cherry Clafouti, but the grocery store was out of cherries. I also needed cherry liquor, but the liquor store was closed. I did have cranberries and Grand Marnier which sounded really good. I was right on the money. It's fantastic, probably better than the cherry version. The cranberries add a nice tartness to the dish. I hope you like it.
By David Ogle

Buttery Cranberry Pie

Rating: 4.5 stars 47
Great for the holidays- once you serve this pie, everyone wants seconds! Try a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top while still warm. MMMM!

Cranberry Bread Pudding

Rating: 4.5 stars 27
Cranberries and raisins are folded into a sweet bread pudding batter for a homey dessert. This makes a great breakfast strata, too!

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Rating: 5 stars 1775
The red and green make a great Christmas cookie. Have used other nuts instead of pistachios with success. If your pistachios are salted, omit the 1/4 teaspoon salt from the recipe.
By Gerry Meyer

Clone of a Cranberry Bliss Bar

Rating: 4 stars 28
These festive and delicious bars taste just like the real deal!

Cranberry Orange Cookies

Rating: 4.5 stars 1296
A nice thing to have around during the holidays, but don't expect them to stay around long. These orange-flavored cranberry cookies are tart and delicious, not to mention beautiful. Not really a favorite of kids.

Cranberry Upside-Down Sour Cream Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 95
I received this recipe a couple of years ago from a friend and get rave reviews from everyone each time I prepare it. It is not only delicious, but very pretty for a holiday table. Great for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Caramel Apple Cranberry Pie

Rating: 4.5 stars 114
I wanted a pie that combined the best-loved flavors of the season: apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and nutmeg! We had 5 different types of pie this Thanksgiving, and this pie received the most compliments. It was so good, I'm seriously thinking about entering it in our county fair this summer!

Cranberry Ice

Rating: 4.5 stars 15
A frozen cranberry sorbet, cut into squares, that goes great with turkey. My kids love it!
By Debbie Thomas

Inspiration and Ideas

15 Gorgeous Cranberry Desserts
These festive desserts starring ruby-red cranberries are perfect for the holidays! Bake up a cranberry cheesecake, pie, crisp, crumble, or upside-down cake.
Cream Cheese Cranberry Crumble Bars
Rating: Unrated 1
"Oh these are good! These instantly become dessert or BREAKFAST!" – Chef Mo
Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
Rating: 5 stars 1746

The red and green make a great Christmas cookie. Have used other nuts instead of pistachios with success. If your pistachios are salted, omit the 1/4 teaspoon salt from the recipe.