Crab Dip Recipes

Luscious crab dip is only a recipe away. Try one of 80+ trusted crab dip and spread recipes.

Staff Picks

Hot Crab Dip

Rating: 4.25 stars
This delicious, addictive crab dip will have your family begging for more. Serve as an appetizer with onion or garlic crackers.

Special Day Crab Mold

Rating: 3.78 stars
I bring this crab mold every Christmas and it doesn't last long. I have served it with saltine crackers and cocktail rye bread, but you can use whatever you'd like.

Captain's Seafood Crab Dip

Rating: 4.11 stars
This was served to diners at Captain's Seafood, Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina. Serve with stone-ground wheat crackers or other mild (not flavored) cracker.

Hot Artichoke and Crab Dip

Rating: 4.65 stars
My friend had made this recipe. Very tasty! Serve warm with baguette slices.

Crab Dip

Rating: 4.43 stars
Hot crab dip served in a bread bowl. Perfect for parties!

Layered Seafood Dip

Rating: 4.65 stars
A friend sent me this recipe! A creamy base is layered with cocktail sauce, veggies, seafood and cheese. It's a total crowd pleaser and will be a hit at any gathering.

Best Hot Crab Dip

Rating: 4.37 stars
Very easy to make and absolutely wonderful! I am from Maryland and this is truly the best crab dip around. I have been making it for years.

Spicy Maryland Crab Dip

Rating: 4.46 stars
A delicious hot crab and cheese dip that comes straight from the heart of the Chesapeake Bay! Serve with crackers or a warm baguette.

Fantastic Crab Dip

Rating: 4.33 stars
This recipe can be served hot or cold with a variety of different crackers or bread. It can be placed in a loaf of hollowed out sourdough bread; the bread can be used for dipping. Don't heat dip when in the bread; bread will become soggy. Heat the dip, and then fill bread.

Warm Crab Parmesan Dip

Rating: 4.57 stars
This dip is a huge hit with everyone who tries it. It's even better with fresh crabmeat, but canned works fine. I took it to a party and every person wanted the recipe. Serve it with blue corn chips. This one will really wow them.

Hot Maryland Crab Dip

Rating: 4.76 stars
This is a true Maryland recipe of hot crab dip, swooned over by many!

Crab Spread I

Rating: 4.36 stars
An easy, but filling appetizer for your next party. Serve with small serving knife over assorted crackers.

Inspiration and Ideas

Captain's Seafood Crab Dip
Rating: Unrated
"Simply the best crab dip ever!" – cherrybaum
Chef John's Baked Crab and Artichoke Dip
Rating: Unrated
"I followed this recipe EXACTLY as stated and I thought it was amazing." – dzcarrera

Allison's Cold Crab Dip

Rating: 3.71 stars

A great appetizer that will sure to be a hit and tradition for parties to come!!