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Fig Recipes

Versatile figs are delicious in these recipes for cookies, cake, appetizers, and more. Find fig recipes with dried or fresh figs and get cookin'!

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Italian Fig Cookies I Recipe - This recipe has been handed down through my mother's family for years.  My grandmother brought it with her from Italy in the early 1900's.  My mom taught me the recipe this year.  Now I am the designated person in our family to make the Fig Cookies.  This is a very high honor.  So they must be as good as my Grandmothers' cookies.  Some call them Homemade Fig Newtons.  They are a tradition at Christmas and are wonderful with a hot cup of coffee.  They are lot of work.  I make them in stages.  First the dough, then a few days later the figs, and finally I will make the cookies.  The dough and the figs keep well in the refrigerator and the cookies freeze very well.