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White Mountain Frosting
January 26, 2010

~HELP FOR THOSE WITHOUT THERM~ OK. This recipe was quite good. The reasons I didn't give it a 5 star was just because it wasn't really what I expected it to be. It was more of a marshmallow. Now, if I had used my brain and thought of the process and thought, yeah that's how you make fluff, then I would have known. Unfortunately I don't always use my brain the way I should when I am freaking out about finding a tasty vanilla frosting since I ran out of powdered sugar. I was a little worried about making the recipe since I had have recently broken my candy thermometer and I haven't replaced it yet. So here is a bit of help for those without a thermometer. It will boil after a few minutes on high. Keep it at a really rolling boil, I like mine a few notches down from the highest heat, just for safety reasons. Its going to boil for a long long time. Then it will look white with bubbles, this does not mean it is done. Just because it is syrupy doesn't mean it is done. Its got to get really nice and thick, and will look a bit yellow. It took me over 15 minutes to get it to this point, but it can take you longer or shorter. Good luck, I hope this helped some people. It is mildly hard to explain, some of it just comes with making this sort of thing a lot.

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