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Authentic French Meringues
October 07, 2010

Tips for those who are having problems with these falling flat: meringues are very delicate and almost anything can go wrong with them. It is possible that you are either under-whipping them, or whipping them too much. If you over-whip something, you can make it fall flat by whipping the air back out of it. Conversely, if you don't have enough air it won't stay tall. A few tips on meringues: *If you have ANY egg yolk, throw it out and start over. It will ruin the structure of the meringue. *Before you add the sugar it's better to be safe than sorry; make sure that your meringue is stiff at the very least, and I prefer to whip mine just before there are stiff peaks forming. (To test this, take a utensil and stick it in the mixture, then draw it out forming a little peak or tail; if it sticks up, it is a stiff peak, if it droops over you may want to consider whipping it more.) *You can also tell how stiff the mixture is by whether the mixture fills itself back out if you part it in the middle. Your mixture should separate and stay separate. *You do not want to have glossy peaks before you add the sugar. You have a greater potential to ruin it if you get to the shiny/satin stage before you add anything. *Oils will ruin the mixture, so be careful if adding flavorants or colors. *Add the sugar VERY slowly. So slowly it hurts. Never dump anything you add, including flavors. *Lift the tip of the pastry bag up and away when piping, don't smash it down in! Hope this helps!

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