Although beurre blanc purists would object to the bit of cream in this classic sauce, it does help create a more stable base, enhances the flavor, and makes an even more beautiful color than when made without. Have all the ingredients measured and handy before starting as this sauce comes together rather quickly.

10 mins
8 mins
18 mins
Max Servings:



  • Place wine, lemon juice, cream, shallots, and cream in a saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium, and let simmer until liquid is reduced by about 75%, 4 to 5 minutes. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and whisk in about 2 cubes of butter. Keep butter moving until it melts. When melted, add a few more cubes, whisking continuously so butter emulsifies into the wine/lemon juice mixture.

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  • Continue to add butter, a few cubes at a time until all of it has been incorporated and the sauce has a thick, luxurious texture, 4 to 6 minutes. Remove from heat. Taste for seasonings and add a pinch of salt and cayenne, if desired. Serve immediately.

Cook's Notes:

If you're making the sauce ahead of time, it must be kept warm. If it cools and you try to reheat it, the emulsification of the sauce will break.

Depending on your preferences, you can substitute white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, herb-infused white vinegar, etc., for the lemon juice.

Nutrition Facts

255.28 calories; 0.49 g protein; 1.99 g carbohydrates; 25.47 g fat; 70.39 mg cholesterol; 46.52 mg sodium.Full Nutrition

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Most helpful positive review

DXR Aviatrix
Added some lobster at the end and put it over homemade crab ravioli. An amazingly simple and decadent sauce and the whole family raved!

Most helpful critical review

I had a lot of trouble reducing this sauce so eventually I just served it as it was. This is chiefly a lemony sauce that has a nice white wine flavor as well. Definitely buttery too but not as buttery as you'd think from stirring in that entire stick of butter. Served on top of pan-seared tilapia and couscous.
24 Ratings
  • 5 Rating Star 23
  • 4 Rating Star 1
DXR Aviatrix
Added some lobster at the end and put it over homemade crab ravioli. An amazingly simple and decadent sauce and the whole family raved!
Fantastic! Simple and delicious. I've made the sauce a couple of times and it was a100% hit each time. I like a tangy flavor so I added some capers and fresh lemon zest. Those made great additions too. This is a winner!
Erica Parisi
I added orange and lemon zest as well as juice a bit more wine and cream it was amazzzzing over citrus dill salmon!
I did it with a pan fried breaded chicken. I added tomatoes artichokes and asparagus to the sauce at the end of simmering and served the chicken and sauce with pasta. Amazing!
I watched the video (which was very helpful) and followed the recipe to a "T". I placed the sauce over haddock and it was delicious!I The second time I made it I added a clove of garlic to the mix (preference only) and really enjoyed it. I was not sure if I would like the cayenne pepper but it really brought everything together. I have a small "Little Dipper" Crock Pot that I use for keeping sauces warm so after I made this I added it to the Crock Pot and the sauce remained nice and warm over dinner. Thank you Chef John!
Katy Walker
Very easy to follow and turned out perfect!
Jane Smith
Thank you Chef John!
Connie Dufford
I made this with lemon juice using regular whipping cream because that s what I had. It was great. I think the heavy cream would have been slightly better but it was still beautifully elegant and delicious. I served it with chicken made in a traditional Wiener schnitzel style. We could have licked the plate.
I adde some fresh parsley and put it on salmon. I was the best sauce ever. Chef john i am a fan.... keep the recipes coming.