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Deliciously Healthy Paleo Pancakes With Banana and Walnuts
January 11, 2015

Okay, real talk. For anyone just trying out the recipe: These aren't banana flavored pancakes, they are BANANA pancakes, or Pancaked Bananas if you prefer. You have to handle them thusly. First of all, LOWER TEMPERATURE! I cannot stress this enough. I made these as the pan was getting progressively hotter. The first one was great, the second tore, and the third was in loose floppy shreds. If the pan is hot enough that the batter bubbles and sizzles like eggs, it wont work, the bubbles destroy the integrity of the pancake and make it too thin to work with, and it'll scrunch and rip when you try to flip it. Second: Flipping. These pancakes are made of BANANA. They are STICKY. You shouldn't have too much trouble if the heat is low and you've oiled the pan, but even still, you can't be a baby about flipping them. You can't inch the spatula under the pancake or push it to the side or casually try to- NO! None of that nonsense, you need to thrust that spatula under the pancake like you mean business. If you've never done this with other foods, it may seem stupid, but trust me, it works like magic. Just a quick thrust under the pancake and it's on. Anyhow, these turned out great. I'm not Paleo or anything, I just like Pancaked Bananas, so I had them with a little bit of syrup. I'm totally making these again :)