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Lithuanian Saltibarsciai (Cold Beet Soup)
February 16, 2018

Hi, in Lithuania we use kefyras (or kefir) - kind of sour milk. We don't use milk (especially butter milk) for this recipe. If you can't find kefyras/kefir, add a generous amount of sour cream to your butter milk. If you say buttermilk here, maybe it should say that this recipe is modified šaltibaršciai version. I believe it's probably alright, but I won't risk making my beloved national dish without kefir. After moving in Japan, where they don't make kefir, I had to buy kefir starter and make my own from regular milk (of course, buttermilk's fine to make kefir too). As far as recipes go, we use: kefir, beets, chives, boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers, dills, mix in some sour cream before serving, and actually don't have to wait one whole day before eating it. Serving with boiled potatoes, boiled dill potatoes, boiled then fried potatoes (last one is popular recently in my home country). And congrats to everyone who still remembers, today is a great jubilee of Lithuanian country.