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Caramel Apples
November 01, 2010

Things you need to know! 1) DO NOT wrap your apples in any type of clinging wrap. Even after they've firmed up. It will stick. Serve without wrap or you could try to loosely wrap with waxpaper. 2) Run a knife edge at the bottom of the apple to get all the excess caramel off. It doesn't hurt the look of the apple. 3) Do have a deep dish of sprinkles or other crunched up candy to set the apple in while you are dipping your next apple. Helped to contain the caramel and kept the apples upright. 4) Apples need to have wax removed by dipping in boiling water for a second or just purchase non waxed from your local farmer. 5) apples should be very cold to help set caramel. 6) You can break fork head or spoon head off plasticwear to create a nice stick to stick in your apple. 7) Have your apples ready with the stick in before you melt your caramel. 8) If you're doing a lot of apples, try and buy caramel in a large serving size as opposed to unwrapping 300 individual cubes. UGH! 9) Only melt the 14 oz at a time in the microwave. 1 minute, stir well, then 30 second - stir well intervals. 10) I used my pampered chef 8 cup measuring bowl. It was great. 11) Spray the waxpaper with cooking oil. Recipe was very yummy with cameo apples, but the directions were lacking! Have fun.

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