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Easy baked egg breakfast sandwiches. Another frugal recipe that can be made ahead and frozen, then microwaved for fast breakfasts on the run. Try using other cheeses for extra flavor. I used Colby-Jack Slices. My boys loved this recipe!




  • Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Spray a 9x13 inch baking dish with cooking spray.

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  • Pour the beaten eggs into the prepared baking dish. Bake in the preheated oven until they set and are no longer runny, 8 to 10 minutes. Remove, allow to cool, and cut into 6 portions.

  • Butter the cut sides of the croissants and place one portion of the cooked egg onto each croissant bottom. Top each sandwich with two slices of ham and a slice of Colby-Jack cheese. Place the croissant tops on top of the sandwiches; wrap each sandwich well with plastic wrap. Place the sandwiches onto a baking sheet; freeze until solid, about 3 hours. Store frozen.

  • To reheat, cook a wrapped sandwich in a microwave on High until hot in the center, 1 to 2 minutes.

Cook's Note

Variation: brown a pound of sausage (your favorite) and add to egg mixture prior to baking the eggs, then omit the ham.

Nutrition Facts

575.98 calories; 22.25 g protein; 29.23 g carbohydrates; 41 g fat; 362.96 mg cholesterol; 843.04 mg sodium.Full Nutrition

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I tried these and they came out perfect. I make a ton of these on english muffins. They reheat like a charm too.

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UGH! This is the worst thing I've eaten in a long time and that's saying a lot since I try new recipes every week. Made it exactly as directed and it came out a soggy and ugly mess. Now I've got 5 additional sandwiches in my freezer that will have to be thrown out. Do not recommend this recipe at all.
99 Ratings
  • 5 Rating Star 46
  • 4 Rating Star 30
  • 3 Rating Star 11
  • 1 Rating Star 6
  • 2 Rating Star 6
These were good quick and easy to assemble. Unfortunately I have found it difficult to reheat after taking out of the freezer. I have had to defrost for up to 2 minutes then heat for 45 seconds and then have to heat the egg an additional 25 seconds for it to even be warm. A lot of work to heat it up but the taste is good. The tricky part is getting the whole sandwich warm without melting away all the cheese or causing the english muffin to become hard. Good luck!
I tried these and they came out perfect. I make a ton of these on english muffins. They reheat like a charm too.
These were great. The baked eggs can be cut to the perfect size. I had to cook my eggs a bit longer. I suggest adding salt and pepper to eggs before baking.
So many variations are possible for this recipe. This is something I made for years and would eat on the way to work. I use toasted English muffins. They have less fat and are a little more sturdy than the croissant. I bake half the amount of egg in an 11 X 7 pan and add omelet style veggies (diced onion bell pepper diced green chiles). I use eggbeaters. A thin slice of Canadian bacon is a nice substitute for ham slices & use 2% sliced cheese. I wrap them individually and put them in a gallon zippered storage bag to keep the freezer burn away. Take one out and let it thaw in the frig overnite. In the morning they heat a little more evenly that way.
These were SO good!!! I made them at night and wrapped them in plastic wrap put them in the fridge and took one to work. I microwaved it at work for one minute and it was SOOO good. They must have been really good because when I came back from work to freeze a couple they were all gone!! The eggs took a little longer than 8-10 minutes and I added salt and pepper to them. These were so easy to make I will be making them often!!!
I toast an english muffin fry an egg add miricle whip and american cheese. It's really good for a breakfast on the go or any time really. Easy to make. I have made extra before and kept them in the fridge they reheat well.
Update: Thank you everyone for your kind remarks. I suggest Beginiers Use English muffins or low carb buns Toast first then add your egg and extras! Seasoning the eggs wouldn't hurt either! My oven runs very hot so add minutes if you oven bake the eggs! Most say oven bake the eggs for approx 20 minutes! Wrap in parchment or wax paper then slid into a ziplock freezer bag! Thaw sandwich OVER NIGHT will help when reheating! Microwaves are different some people may need to defrost the sandwich prior to heating for 1-2 minutes. For some people you may need to defrost the meat and bun first then gently defrost and heat the egg separate but this process does not take much time. Much less time than making them fresh.
I'll rate this a four because the taste was fine. I personally don't need that much egg so I cut the egg part in half one is fine for me. The real reason for my review is that you really need to play with your microwave to figure out if this works for you. This recipe does not work in my microwave oven. I can adjust and do the eggs on half power without the bread and put the cheese on later but that doesn't work with my morning - I need something that I can nuke and go. so I have a freezer full of these which I have been taking out on Satursday mornings dissasembling heating and eating. Every microwave oven is different so that's not anything against this recipe just a little dissapointing:(
Made these for my DH last week. He said they reheated pretty well. They reheated in 3 minutes. I used sour dough English muffins & sharp cheddar cheese. I scaled it to 4 sandwiches: 8 eggs in an 8x8" pan with diced peppers and onions. They baked in 18 minutes. I've got 2 left and will make some more... Thanks Dee!