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Zounds! It's zucchini! Grilled zucchini! Simple, healthy, and yummy.

10 mins
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30 mins
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  • Preheat grill to medium high heat.

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  • Clean outer skin of zucchini, and slice lengthwise into quarters. Place a pat of butter or margarine on each zucchini quarter, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Wrap all four quarters in one piece of aluminum foil.

  • Place foil wrapped zucchini on heated grill, and cook for 10 to 15 minutes on each side.

Nutrition Facts

229.47 calories; 2.2 g protein; 5.43 g carbohydrates; 23.33 g fat; 61.06 mg cholesterol; 179.73 mg sodium.Full Nutrition

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Most helpful positive review

I added salt pepper and oregano to the zucchini before grilling!

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I make this all the time it definitely needs to be put directly on the grill. It adds a wonderful flavor. I also use olive oil instead of butter.
39 Ratings
  • 4 Rating Star 14
  • 5 Rating Star 13
  • 3 Rating Star 7
  • 2 Rating Star 3
  • 1 Rating Star 2
I have been making this for years and I have found you don't need the foil. I usually put the zucchini strips in a ziploc add olive oil and season with salt pepper and usually some cayenne. Then just put them directly on the grill. They are even better if they get a little "burnt" looking.
krista v.
Not sure why the name of this recipe is Grilled Zucchini. It's steamed zucchini but done on a grill instead of in a pot. Blah! The best way to make grilled zucchini is to cut them in half lengthwise brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then just toss them on the grill flat side down for about 5-10 mins and then flip over for a few more mins depending on the size and thickness of your zucchinis. You'll get the nice grill marks a juicy sweet soft yet crispy veggie. Now that's grilled zucchini!
An easy way to cook up a side dish to go along with all the BBQ meats. Instead of butter however I sprayed the zucchinis with olive oil and added fresh herbs on top of the S&P.
I scored the zucchini first then drizzled it with olive oil instead of butter and in addition to the salt and pepper added some garlic powder and italian seasoning. I didn't do a foil packet just put it directly on the grill. In no time at all it was tender-crisp and delicious! A perfect side dish for grilled chicken.
Tasty but mushy. I used cooking spray instead of butter. I added fresh chopped italian parsley in addition to the oregano. I also added vidalia onion. It was okay - would have grilled the zucchini rather than wrapping it in foil & steaming.
This recipe turned out OK but the zucchini was soggy and not "grilled" (i.e. crispy) at all. Were I to try this again I would probably remove the foil half way through and finish it directly on the grill and baste a little more butter.
I added salt pepper and oregano to the zucchini before grilling!
Wrapping in foil steams veggies. Direct grilling is best. And not much oil needed or turns mushy. Zucchini grilled this way is delicious tossed with pasta.
I prefer to use olive oil instead of butter and I take it out of the foil for the last 5 mins and let it just sit on the grill. It makes it a little crisper and darker in color. Also we like to add a little sliver of velveeta cheese right at the end of grilling until it melts.....DELICIOUS!