Pat Bernitt

Pat Bernitt
Education: University of South Florida
Location: Lutz, Florida

Pat Bernitt is a longtime Allrecipes Allstar and prolific contributor to the site, having shared dozens upon dozens of top-rated recipes over the years. Pat has reached that point in life where it's time to relax and she's loving it. Time to forget about the stress and hectic work travel schedule of the past, and instead focus on leisure time. Pat enjoys doing all the things that she loves to do on a daily basis, and that includes cooking.  

The dish Pat is best known for is her family sauerbraten meal, a labor intensive recipe that she makes only once a year during the holidays. It includes sauerbraten beef marinated for 5 to 7 days, tons of sour gravy, sautéed homemade egg noodles, red cabbage, potato balls (which if made correctly float to the top of the pot like a dumpling, otherwise, they explode or just sit on the bottom of the pot), freshly cooked apples, and streusel for dessert. Pat says her "entire family devours every course, but nobody has had an interest in learning how to make it. Hmmm, wonder why?!"

Through the Allrecipes Allstars she has been introduced to so many new foods. Every new recipe is an adventure.

Some fun facts about Pat:

What's your favorite recipe on Allrecipes? 
My freezer is NEVER without Curried Butternut Squash and Pear Soup.  

What's the best meal you’ve ever eaten? 
There are actually two. Carbonara in Zurich, Switzerland and a basic quiche Lorraine in Strasbourg, France

What's the one kitchen tool you can’t live without? 
Vidalia Chop Wizard Pro Max

What's your go-to dish to bring to a potluck? 
Chicken Salad Soufflé Casserole or Oktoberfest Potato Salad.

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