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Yeti Just Dropped Three New Colors — and They're Already Selling Out

Prices start at just $20.
By Aly Walansky
March 15, 2021
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If you're a fan of Yeti for their cult-favorite travel coffee mugs, unbeatable coolers, or even their everyday water bottles, it's always exciting when they bring new categories or colors into the world, and their latest collection — three new colors, which include prickly pear pink, granite grey, and aquifer blue — is inspired by the sights and emotions inherent to nature.

Prickly Pear Pink

Yeti's beautiful new Prickly Pear Pink is inspired by the little known but beautiful pink fruit found on dessert cacti. In the video launching this new color, Miguel Vidal, a pit master, speaks of the cactus as a sort of metaphor for humanity: The cactus to some may appear to be a sort of deceiving plant in that that looks a little rough on the outside, but there is great beauty to be found on the inside.

It's beautiful, yes — but also tasty. This new Prickly Pear Pink color — a deep and beautiful rose pink — is available in a full collection, ranging from mugs and tumblers to lunchboxes and carryall bags.

Granite Gray

The deep gray color is inspired by the gray days of winter and the granite mountains of Yosemite, which professional rock climber Beth Rodden says is her favorite place to climb. The Yosemite rock formations are "perfectly unforgiving" which makes them a great challenge — and creates the desire to keep returning to them.

The same could be said for very sturdy drinkware, and Granite Gray is available in a full drinkware collection, ranging from can insulators to large Rambler bottles.

Aquifer Blue

This deep teal shade is reminiscent of adventurous aquifers, and those great journeys that exist underwater. While Texas may be more known for its land than its water, Aquifer Blue is inspired by those swimming holes that the locals love on a hot day. Texas-based author Steve Eckelman started to swim in his late forties — and it is remains something he really loves, especially wild waters.

Swimming, according to Eckelman, forces you to focus on the moment and where you are — and all water holds a bit of an oasis; it's vibrant, moving, always on the road, always traveling, but always returning. This deep blue color is available in a range of products, from the Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler to drinkware.

At a time that so many of us have been trapped indoors for the last year, why not get a little life inspiration from the colors and textures of nature? There's so much to learn and appreciate.

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