Vegan Valentines Day Chocolate candies, bars, and truffles

The Best Vegan Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Pick up these sweets for yourself or your sweetie.
By Hayley Sugg and Mary Claire Lagroue
Updated January 20, 2022

Chocolate and Valentine's Day are the ultimate power couple. But if you're vegan, or avoiding dairy due to an allergy, it can be tough to find something sweet that fits your needs. Because of this, we've rounded up 18 of the best vegan chocolates for Valentine's Day. From tasty truffles to almond butter bars, here are our favorite chocolates for any plant-based romantics.

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bar of Alter Eco 70% sea salt chocolate
Credit: Alter Eco

Alter Eco Sea Salt Organic Dark Chocolate

Shop Alter Eco's selection of organic, plant-based chocolate bars (like this one made with 70 percent cacao and fleur de sel de Guérande, a prized sea salt from France) for a treat your Valentine can truly feel good about. On its way to becoming a climate positive company, Alter Eco not only sources its Fair Trade ingredients from small farms but also helps restore forests.

Buy it: $3.99; Alter Eco

heart shaped box of Good Girl Chocolate Assorted Chocolate 13 pieces
Credit: Good Girl Chocolate

Good Girl Chocolate 13 Piece Assorted Chocolate

Good Girl Chocolate uses good ingredients (no GMOs, no gluten, no soy, and no dairy) to achieve fantastic flavors, including caramel cake, pecan fudge, cookie dough, fudge cupcake, and almond praline, all featured in this lovely heart-shaped box.

Buy it: $43; Good Girl Chocolate

three Vesta vegan chocolate bars
Credit: Vesta

Vesta's Vegan Chocolate Bar Trio

The fact that a husband and wife duo craft Vesta's vegan chocolate makes these bars an extra romantic choice. In addition to traditional dark chocolate bars, Vesta offers white chocolate bars made with oat milk in flavors like matcha and turmeric ginger. 

Buy it: $9; Vesta

pink box of chocolate
Credit: Cocoa Parlor

Cocoa Parlor 24 Piece Light & Dark Chocolate Collection

Rich, dark cacao and creamy white chocolate, bittersweet coffee and buttery caramel, fruit and nuts: this 24-piece box from Cocoa Parlor gives your better half plenty of variety. 

Buy it: $72; Cocoa Parlor

Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with dried strawberries on it
Credit: Compartes

Compartes Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Bar Strawberry Goji Acai

Chocolate-covered strawberries, who? This artisan chocolate bar pairs 75 percent cacao with tart-sweet strawberries, goji, acai, and dragonfruit for a vegan Valentine's Day upgrade made without refined sugar.

Buy it: $9.95; Compartes

box of anatomical inspired chocolate heart candies
Credit: Lagusta's Luscious

Lagusta's Luscious Intense Anatomical Hearts

Let your special someone know that your heart beats for them with chocolates shaped like anatomical hearts. Tinted red thanks to beet juice, these intense candies combine 66 percent dark chocolate and 100 percent dark chocolate, coffee beans, black salt, and bits of dried cherries.

Buy it: $18; Lagusta's Luscious

eight chocolate truffles with box
Credit: Nibble

Nibble Truffles Box

This colorful box packs in eight decadent truffles—classic dark, raspberry, coffee, pomegranate, sea salt, oat vanilla, chai, Mexican, and lemon—which are handmade from natural, organic ingredients that Nibble sources from small, sustainable farms. What's not to love?

Buy it: $19.95; Nibble Chocolate

eight bars of Hu chocolate
Credit: Hu

Hu Chocolate Variety Pack

Whether you indulge your one and only with all eight bars or split them between a handful of Valentines, this Hu Chocolate Variety Pack will be a success. On top of being vegan, Hu's chocolate is organic and paleo approved.

Buy it: $51.95; Amazon

chocolate truffles in a heart shaped box
Credit: Sjaak's

Sjaak's Classic Heart Valentine Assortment

Using coconut milk chocolate for an extra silky texture, Sjaak's box of fruity truffles is sure to win the hearts of your vegan love. They'll enjoy the unique flavors, such as passionfruit and banana cream, along with classic pairings, like strawberry and cherry. 

Buy it: $24.99;

Missionary Chocolates CBD Truffles box
Credit: Missionary Chocolates

Missionary Chocolate CBD Truffles

If chilling out is your main goal this Valentine's Day, order an eight-piece box of Missionary Chocolate's CBD truffles. Each treat contains 25mg of CBD and plenty of chocolatey flavor.

Buy it: $36;

heart covered takeout box with chocolates
Credit: Amanda's Own Confections

Amanda's Own Confections Take Out Box

Made with three simple ingredients — cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and cocoa butter — your Valentine will love opening up this takeout box full of goodies. If allergies are a concern, you'll be happy to know Amanda's Own Confections is made free from common allergens like nuts, wheat, soy, and more.

Buy it: $6.50;

mummy themed heart-shaped chocolate box with vegan chocolate inside
Credit: Vegan Treats

Vegan Treats Fatally Yours Chocolate Box

If your romance style is less gushy and more "til death do us part," then Vegan Treat's Fatally Yours Mummy Limited Edition Chocolate Box will fit all your needs. Featuring 16 handcrafted candies made from Swiss and white vegan chocolates, their skull- and coffin-shaped treats are sure to delight your special someone.

Buy it: $100;

a Rescue Chocolate bar with a cup of coffee
Credit: Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate Valentine Gifts

Delivered in a Valentine's Day gift bag, these sweet treats from Rescue Chocolate will tug at the heartstrings of any animal lovers in your life. Each purchase, whether you go with a chocolate bar duo or candy bar sampler, benefits rescue animals across the country. 

Buy it: $25+;

chocolate covered marshmallows
Credit: Schmilk Chocolate

Schmilk Marshmallow Hugs

For those friends who you celebrate Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, a four-pack of Schmilk's marshmallow hugs will have them feeling warm and cozy. Perfectly fluffy vegan marshmallows are coated in silky smooth chocolate for an irresistible treat.

Buy it: $5.99;

box of vegan chocolates
Credit: Sjaak's

Sjaak's Cupid's Kisses

They might have been kissed by a cherub, but you'll be shocked to learn there's no animal products in Sjaak's incredibly creamy Cupid's Kisses. The handmade almond butter and crunchy coconut flakes are contrasted by super smooth and sweet vegan white chocolate.

Buy it: $14.99;

chocolate bar that says i love you
Credit: No Whey Foods

No Whey Foods "I Love You" Milkless Bar

Get the message across loud and clear to your Valentine with No Whey's "I Love You" bar. The confection has all the taste of milk chocolate while being 100 percent vegan. 

Buy it: $4.95;

box of chocolate truffles surrounded by flowers
Credit: Coracao Confections

Coracao Confections Build Your Own Truffle Box

Create a custom box just as unique as your sweetheart from Coracao Confections. All vegan, along with being gluten- and soy-free, you'll be able to choose from mouthwatering options like salted pecan caramel, peppermint patties, raspberry truffles, or hazelnut cream hearts.

Buy it: $12+;

chocolate assortment in a golden heart box
Credit: Amore di Mona

Amora di Mona Assortment Heart

Show your Valentine some love with style by presenting this chocolate assortment from Amora di Mona. Each elegant box includes a wide variety of vegan truffles, featuring flavors such as currant ganache, caramela with cherries, dark chocolate hearts, and more. 

Buy it: $35;