Throw Throw Burrito

Gift Your Family Hours of Fun With This Burrito-Throwing Game

...and it's less than $25!
By Karla Walsh
December 08, 2020
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We're suckers for food-inspired games. Candy Land ($13; Amazon) may have started the trend way back in the day. Then came Bananagrams ($10, Target) and Yeti in My Spaghetti ($10, Amazon).

Now, we're firm believers that Throw Throw Burrito ($25; Amazon) has the competition for game of the year for 2020 all wrapped up (see what we did there?).

Marketed as 50 percent card game and 50 percent dodgeball — and 100 percent boredom-buster in our books — Throw Throw Burrito is a brilliant option for physically-distant but socially-connected game nights. Spoiler alert: This game doesn't come with any actual burritos, so might we suggest you pair it with a spread of bruncho de Mayo recipes to snack on as you play?

Once you have your bites nearby, grab your quaranteam or family members (recommended for ages 7+) for a round of this Go Fish-meets-dodgeball game. Two to six players face off around a table, which can easily be set apart six feet or more, and each are dealt five cards. All players discard and draw cards at once, keeping a consistent count of five, until one person racks up matching a set of three cards. The first player to gather a trio earns a point.

If anyone draws a burrito card while trying to score a match, it's time for a duel! Grab one of the plush burritos, walk three paces, and try to hit your opponent, à la dodgeball. Do so to steal points — and start a round of giggles.

Throw Throw Burrito Game
Credit: Target

Buy it: $25; Amazon or $25; Target

Warning: "So much fun," one fan says. "The more people playing the more chaos ensues!"

Just enough chaos for kids and adults, apparently.

"We tried this game for the first time at a work party, with eight adults spanning four decades in age. Needless to say the ensuing play was hilariously funny and after playing six rounds of the game we were coming up with crazy ideas as to how we could turn it into an all day office game or even take it outside and play across larger distances," another reviewer adds.

In case you need any more convincing, pour a round of margaritas for the 21 crowd and get ready to make some new memories. There's also an Extreme Outdoor Edition, which we can only assume means real burritos are involved. Bring a raincoat! (There are no real burritos involved. This version uses giant inflatable burritos. But real burritos would be fun!)

Demand is high for this game already, and sites like Amazon and Target have sold out and restocked a few times already. So if you want it for a holiday gift, grab it now.

"This is a card game. This is dodgeball," a player raves. "It is the best thing that has happened to our family since the birth of our child."