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Replace Your Overworked Skillets and Sauce Pans With This Heirloom-Quality Staub Pan That's 58% Off Right Now

Even Staub's brand-new color Sage is marked down $200.
By Karla Walsh
February 28, 2021
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If you check the reviews on Staub's Everything Pan (and, let's be honest, most all of their cookware), you can expect they will read something like this: "Expensive, but cooks really well and will last forever," says one reviewer, alongside a five-star review. Yes, we agree.

But we just found a solution to the only negative in that review, as the Staub Enameled Cast Iron Everything Pan is more than $200 off for a limited time.

France-born brand Staub joined the Zwilling Group cookware family in 2008 (a group which also includes Zwilling, Ballarani, Miyabi, Henckels, and Demeyere), and has since maintained its reputation as a top-notch cast iron and ceramic brand, ranking right up there with Le Creuset as pricey, but worth it. Thankfully, Staub offers occasional tremendous sales on their products, and we have heart eyes for the latest one that slashes more than half off the list price of a pan that could very well replace most everything you have in your cabinet.

Not only is this pan beautiful, durable up to 500 degrees F and sturdy (clocking in at a healthy 11 pounds), but it can also easily transition from oven to table. At 12 inches and 3 1/2 quarts, it's as big or bigger than most skillets and sauté pans, too, without being unwieldy.

Pop on the tight-fitting glass lid as you braise or slow cook, or keep it off to stir fry or sauté. Then, serve straight from the pan to keep the meal warm as you enjoy it. Yep, it can tackle all those tasks, and is compatible with all cooktops — even induction.

A skillet meal? Easy. A baked chicken dish? Absolutely. A risotto? It would love to. Paella? Whenever you'd like.

So go ahead and donate your other frying pans, deep skillets, sauce pots, braziers, and paella pans. This one-pan plan can do, well, pretty much everything those pans can.

The enameled finish is rust-, chip- and crack-resistant and requires zero seasoning. And quite possibly the best feature of all of this everything pan, in our opinion? It's 100 percent dishwasher safe. (So you have our permission to pretty much disregard all of these somewhat-stressful steps for proper use and care of a cast-iron!)

"This is pretty much all I use... I have a Le Creuset Dutch oven and I still prefer this; it's an excellent pan built to last," one fan raves.

Another adds, "Quarantine has led to a collection of staub products for me. The quality is unmatched and the exterior finishes are just breath taking. I have had no issues with chips in the enamel. No issues with cleaning either! I love the beautiful sear from utilizing this pan. Then it's an easy transition to the oven to finish cooking through."

A handful of retailers are offering sales at the moment, so we scoured the internet for the best of the best. Each shop offers the same product in different colors at slightly different prices, so select your favorite below.

You can even get Staub's brand-new color, Sage, in this pan at Williams Sonoma — and yes, it's even marked down already.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Everything Everyday Pan, 3 1/2-Qt.
Credit: Zwilling

Buy it: Cherry, $149.99;

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Everything Everyday Pan, 3 1/2-Qt.
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Buy it: Sage, Cherry, Cranberry, or Black, $149.95;

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Everything Everyday Pan, 3 1/2-Qt.
Credit: Zwilling

Buy it: Graphite, Grenadine or Sapphire, $169.95;

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