soup pots, hand blender, ladle, and microplane

Top 10 Tools for Making Soup

You probably use a few of these already.
Mary Claire Lagroue
December 16, 2020
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Few foods taste cozier than soup, and cooking this comfort food yourself can be just as rewarding as slurping up a bowl. Stocking your kitchen with a handful of kitchen tools will make the process even smoother — in some cases, literally. From immersion blenders to pots, these soup-making essentials will cover all your bases.

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Dutch oven in dark turquoise color
Credit: Le Creuset

Dutch Oven

Invest in a Dutch oven, and you'll use this multitasker for much more than soup. Our product tester named Le Creuset's Round Dutch Oven the best on the market. Made of enameled cast iron, this sturdy pan heats evenly and is ideal for sautéing veggies as you make your stock. Plus, its heavy lid locks in liquid before it evaporates. 

Buy it: Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven, 7-1/4-quart, $400;

soup pot with lid in yellow golden color
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Soup Pot

Le Creuset's soup pot offers all the same perks as a Dutch oven. At 4.5 quarts, it's a quart smaller than the average Dutch oven size. But it's large enough to feed a family of four. 

Buy it: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Soup Pot, 4 1/2 quart, $200;

16-quart stainless steel stock pot with lid
Credit: Walmart


If you want to feed a family and have leftovers, this large stainless steel stockpot will hold it all. Prefer to stick to smaller batches? The stockpot's height keeps more liquid from evaporating than shorter pots. Either way, you want a stock pot with a heavy bottom to keep ingredients at the bottom from sticking.

Buy it: Tramontina Gourmet 16-Quart Covered Stainless Steel Stock Pot, $72;

wooden spoon with 18" handle
Credit: Amazon

Long Spoon

Made of enamel-safe beechwood and measuring 18 inches long, this heavy duty spoon can take on a pot of any size or material. Its length keeps your hands safe from steam, but you can size down to a 15-inch spoon and still have plenty of length.

Buy it: Long Wooden Spoon, $13;

stainless steel mesh skimmer
Credit: Amazon


Use a skimmer with a fine mesh strainer to scoop up fat or froth that rises to the top of the pot. 

Buy it: Hiware Stainless Steel Fat Skimmer Spoon, $8;

KitchenAid® 2-Speed Hand Blender with 3-Cup Jar & Lid
Credit: KitchenAid

Immersion Blender

An immersion blender (aka hand blender) allows you to puree soups without having to transfer them to a blender, sparing you a few spills and splatters. It's also ideal if your blender can't handle hot liquids. Our product tester picked KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender as this year's best.

Buy it: KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender, $40;

Instant Pot blender with multiple settings on buttons
Credit: Walmart


A traditional blender can also give you a hand in the kitchen. When up against an immersion blender, the traditional blender results in the smoother soup. And compared to a food processor, a blender is less likely to leak liquids as long as you don't overfill it. What's more? Choose the soup setting, and this Instant Pot's Cooking Blender will actually heat your soup as it blends.

Buy it: Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender, $79;

stainless steel soup ladle
Credit: Amazon


You don't need anything fancy to serve your soup. This long-handled stainless steel ladle will do the job.

Buy it: Newness Soup Ladle, $12;

Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Grater
Credit: Sur La Table


You'll reach for the Microplane to grate ginger, zest citrus, and finish off bowls of soup with Parmesan.

Buy it: Microplane Zester and Grater, $20;

turquoise blue soup freezing tray with lid
Credit: Amazon

Storage Containers

This BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly silicone container will change how you freeze soup for good. It allows you to divide soup into even portions and even measure how much you're pouring with lines to mark 1/2 cup and 1 cup.

Buy it: Souper Cubes Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid, $20;