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One of Our Favorite Cast Iron Companies Now Offers Personalized Engravable Skillets

Make the greatest gift a little more perfect.
By Kimberly Holland
Updated June 10, 2021
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A cast iron skillet is the cookware gift that keeps on giving — literally. A good cast iron pan, well cared for and protected over decades, can outlive its owner. But every once in a while, everyone needs a new cast iron skillet, whether that's for a gift or just a little treat for your expanding cookware collection.

Now, you can make any cast iron skillet a more perfect gift by getting it engraved. Charleston-based cast iron maker Smithey Ironware Co. has just announced that they will offer custom engraving on a number of their skillets, including the always-popular No. 10 and No. 12 cast iron skillets and the No. 14 dual handle skillet. (The number for these items corresponds to the diameter of the pans.)

Engraved cast iron pans are difficult to come by, unlike, say engraved cutting boards. That's because cast iron is quite brittle. Indeed, it can crack or break if it's manipulated too much in milling, so engraving doesn't seem like a win-win proposition for most brands.

But for Smithey, laser engraving is the perfect solution. This is a more efficient process, which means Smithey can turn out your custom order in two weeks or less. Plus, engraving makes the process cheaper. Smithey will add your personalized message to their pans for just $40.

Ready to order a custom cast iron pan for a gift? You'll need to come up with your message, which can be up to 30 characters (letters, numbers, and symbols are OK). Your message will be laser engraved on the back of the skillet you select, just above the U.S. Made and Charleston, SC stamps. You can see an approximation of what your engraving will look like; as you type your message on the screen, it appears on the bottom of a pan.

While Mother's Day is the obvious choice, as mom is famous for her cast iron skillet desserts, the gifting opportunities for an engraved heirloom-quality cast iron skillet are nearly unlimited — wedding gifts, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the holidays, or even just a post-pandemic survival gift. Smithey asks 14 days for turnaround, so you'll need to plan ahead your purchase just a little bit. You've got room to put names, a special date, even a quick note of love and adoration. Remember, this pan will be around for a lifetime, so no pressure to make it absolutely timeless.

Already have a Smithey skillet? We ranked them our favorite classic cast iron skillet, so they're already well loved by many home cooks. Smithey says soon you'll be able to return your Smithey skillets and get those engraved.

Go ahead and get your custom order placed. Once word gets out about this unique gift, we suspect their engraving line will fill up.

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