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12 Gifts for People Who Put Ranch on Everything

Ranch goes with everything, and these gifts prove it.
Updated November 08, 2021
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There are people who love ranch dressing, and then there are people who live for ranch dressing. You know, the ones who ask for a side of ranch wherever they go, or joke about putting ranch dressing on their ranch dressing. Even for them, there is more ranch to be had.

Here are 12 gifts that will amuse the ranch lover in your life and help them display that affection with pride.

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hidden valley ranch seasoning in a shaker
Credit: Instacart

Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning

Let's start with the basics. Every ranch lover should have at least one of these in stock, and luckily this fits right in a stocking. This ranch powder's utility goes way beyond salad dressing — shake it over snacks, pour it into ground beef before browning, or mix it into something thicker for a chip-worthy dip.

Buy it: $9; Instacart

ranch dressing enamel pin
Credit: SucrosePins via Etsy

Ranch Salad Dressing Soft Enamel Pin

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Ranch lovers, however, can just wear their heart on their jacket thanks to this enamel pin.

Buy it: $10; Etsy

hidden valley ranch crewneck
Credit: Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Ranch Crewneck

Every year, Hidden Valley goes all out on holiday merch, but here's an option with a little more longevity. This collegiate-style sweatshirt goes with anything, just like ranch dressing.

Buy it: $45, Hidden Valley

only god can judge me ranch and pizza patch
Credit: NerdScoutsHQ via Etsy

Only God Can Judge Me Patch

This handmade patch showcases one of the greatest culinary pairings of all time: ranch dressing and pizza.

Buy it: $8; Etsy

blue face mask with witty quote about ranch dressing
Credit: smoaty via Redbubble

You Aren't Ranch Dressing Mask

Well, it's not wrong.

Buy it: $10; Redbubble

ranch dressing pillow case
Credit: littlearrow via Redbubble

Ranch Salad Dressing Bottle Throw Pillow

Finally, there's a way to say "I got ranch on your sofa" without inducing panic. Gift the entire pillow, or just the case.

Buy it: $23 ; Redbubble

ranch dressing mug
Credit: ThingsNStuffEtc via Etsy

Ranch Mug

Even if the statement on the mug is true, this is a judgment-free zone.

Buy it: $14.99; Etsy

ranch dressing earrings etsy
Credit: SprinkleCake via Etsy

Ranch Dressing Earrings

Now this is what I call statement jewelry.

Buy it: $28, Etsy

pizza and ranch earrings
Credit: DreamyDanglez via Etsy

Pizza And Ranch Dressing Polymer Clay Earrings / Mismatched Food Dangles

You can also make a louder statement with these mismatched earrings showing off the ultimate pair. 

Buy it; $19; Etsy

ranch poster with facts
Credit: stacy michelson via Etsy

Ranch Dressing Poster

This poster isn't just aesthetically pleasant — it's also chock-full of ranch facts.

Buy it: $24; Etsy

ranch dressing is a blessing phone case
Credit: LookHuman

Ranch Dressing Is A Blessing Phone Case

Give your favorite ranch lover's phone a serious upgrade with this clever case.

Buy it: prices vary; LookHuman

bling ranch
Credit: ScintillationCo

Bling Ranch

For the person in your life who has everything, get something they'd never think existed. 

Buy it; $98; Etsy