Keep Picnic Food Bug-Free With These Adorable Food Covers

By Maryn Liles
August 29, 2020
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Outdoor picnics and cookouts have been on everyone's to-do list, as social distancing requirements make outside dining easier and safer. It's also a great way to bask in the glowing sun, get out of the house, and catch up with friends keeping up with the CDC national guidelines. 

However, the smell of food in the air is a great way to attract not-so-welcomed visitors like wasps, bees, and mosquitos. Not to mention, food covers like aluminum foil and plastic wrap can easily be blown away or torn, littering the planet and filling trash cans.

Here, we gathered 10 reusable (and not to mention oh-so-cute) outdoor food covers that will keep your food clear of bugs and your Instagram feed trendy. 

These are 10 bug-proof mesh food covers for picnics and barbeque:


Everyone loves a good handmade kitchen accessory, and this food cover by Gras Shanghai is no exception. Handmade with all-natural bamboo, this dome cover is a pro at keeping out flies, mosquitoes, and all other pests away from your food. Available in two different sizes, woven baskets with three colorful stripes will give your table or picnic blanket a bright pop of color all while keeping your snacks bug-free. This chic food cover is ready to ship in three to five business days and shipping is free.

Buy it: $40; Etsy


Made by hand from Spanish Bullet Wood and designed with a beautiful flower design, this food cover will have your foodie friends snapping pics before you even have a chance to reveal your yummy home-cooked food underneath. Since you'll be able to choose your food cover from six different colors, you'll be able to find the perfect one to match your outdoor picnic decor. This food cover is made in a small village in Thailand and has ethically-sourced materials so you can feel good about using something that has love behind every process of production. In addition, this fun picnic accessory is easy to clean and lightweight so it can be stored anywhere in your kitchen. But something tells us you're going to want to keep this on display all year long. 

Buy it: $36; Etsy


Known for bringing good luck, we all know that the only bugs that are welcomed at your picnic are the lady kind! Since they come in a pack of 4, these adorable food covers are perfect if you have multiple plates of food that you want to keep safe. Made out of wire and mesh, it's a great way for your loved ones to take a sneak peek of the yumminess they're about to devour while keeping mosquitoes and bugs away! With its whimsical design, these food covers are great for basket picnics against a white and red checkered cloth. 

Buy it: $48; Wayfair

Crate & Barrel

If you're looking for an outdoor entertaining accessory that matches the rest of your minimalist decor, check out this simple but effective food tent. Made with a sturdy frame, this food cover is great for letting air in while keeping bugs out (perfect to cool off a pie or two). One 5-star reviewer says this: "Super easy to use, sturdy, great quality & practical. Saw these online & wasn’t sure so I stopped by a store & bought three. They are pretty big (salad bowl big really) so will be so handy!"

Buy it: Food Tent, $6; Crate & Barrel

Bed Bath & Beyond

Even though they put Dorothy and Toto to sleep in the iconic film The Wizard of Oz, these poppies will not only protect your food but also perk up your table with bursts of red against a picnic table or blanket. Coming in three different sizes, this food cover will fit over almost any bowl, making it the perfect lid to keep bugs out of your yummy potato or macaroni salad. Made out of silicone, it's easy to clean and sanitize (you just need to pop it in the dishwasher) and also makes it microwave safe. It also makes a great substitute for Tupperware so you don't have to worry about dirtying another dish when it's time to put away the outdoor cookout fun. 

Buy it: $9-$15; Bed Bath & Beyond


If you don't have kitchen space to store large outdoor food domes or tents, take a peek at these reusable cloth food covers from Food52. An elastic band closes around bowls, guaranteeing a tight fit, and unlike your typical plastic wrap, you won't have to struggle to get it to stay. Perhaps the best part about these food covers is that they're made from linen and cotton so that means you can wash them along with the rest of your laundry, and the longevity of these food covers will almost definitely outlast any sort of plastic ones.

Buy it: $66/set of 6; Food52

The Grommet

Calling all vino lovers — if you're paranoid about a buggy visitor ruining your next sip, take a peek at these ventilated wine covers. Available in four different colors, these wine glass covers also make for great drink markers while containing your precious pinot or rose. A mesh top allows your wine to breathe, while making it secure from pests. If you need another selling point for these, they also make for great coasters, protecting your stylish outdoor furniture.

Buy it: $20; The Grommet 


Keep your cookout full of sunny skies and your food bug-free with these adorable polka dot food covers. Built with six heavy-duty metal rods and a durable mesh screen, these food covers can withstand wear and tear that comes with both indoor and outdoor use. Also, since the metal rods add a bit of weight to these, you won't have to worry about them flying at a sudden gust of wind. These food covers are also easy to maintain since they can be spot cleaned or hand washed and then hung up to dry. 

Buy it: $16; Amazon 


Built with a fine mesh screen and decorated with an extra thick border that will keep pesky flies away, you won't want to shoo away these cute and colorful dragonfly food covers. These covers are also super easy to clean and reuse over and over again. "I'm so happy with these gorgeous food screens," one 5-star reviewer writes. "Well made, pretty, functional, delivered so quickly and packaged perfectly!" 

Buy it: $15; Amazon


If your picnic spread needs a pop of color, check out these mesh screen food covers. With a simple but effective design, these food covers will ensure your food remains bug-free. These food covers can also double up as your next favorite gardening tool as it can protect your precious plants against bunnies, slugs, and other annoying gardening pests. Built with premium galvanized steel, these metal mesh food covers are guaranteed sturdy and windproof while also being extremely easy to store amongst your bowls and lids.

Buy it: $25; Amazon