multiple colors of modern-twist Hive Silicone Trivets with a pan on top

These Extra Thick Silicone Trivets Double as Oven Mitts - and They're Just $10

They also look beautiful grouped together and displayed on a table.
By Kimberly Holland
August 24, 2020
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Typical trivets aren't particularly attractive. They're utilitarian by nature, keeping hot pots of soup or casserole dishes from melting table tops or warping cabinets. If a little extra thought went into them, maybe they're bendable enough to grip the lid on a jar of pickles.

But trivets do not have to be basic. In fact, they can be as much art as they are utensil. Enter Modern Twist's line of silicone trivets that blur all the lines between appearance and function.

Trivets, whether they're made of silicone or wood, should be used regularly in a busy kitchen. For example, you should never place a hot pan directly on a cold glass stovetop (it could crack), so if you have one of these ranges, you're going to need a stack of trivets at hand so you can quickly protect your stove's surface.

Trivets also protect the delicate finish of dining room tables, islands, or buffets from the heat of fresh-from-the-oven dishes. They can be used to stop any sliding of pie plates as guests serve themselves from your holiday spread. A trivet on a kid's plate can also prevent a slip caused by an overly exuberant eater.

But these beautifully designed trivets from Modern Twist can go a step beyond these basic uses, however. They're carved "hive" design allows you to use them as an oven mitt, making gripping the trivets easy so you can secure dishes when you need to remove them from an oven or take them to the table.

But that's not where the creativity ended with these trivets. Modern Twist's designers also thought to make the trivets interlocking, so you can piece together a few of them if you have a large pan that needs to be supported. With trivets of several colors, it creates a beautiful piece of art, right on your table.

The trivets are made with 100 percent food-grade silicone that is safe up to temperatures of 675 degrees Fahrenheit, or 329 degrees Celsius. That means they can take the heat of a muffin pan straight from the oven or a pan right off the grill, and you don't have to worry about a sticky mess forming under your cookware.

The silicone trivets are also non-porous. Unlike wooden trivets, these won't absorb the messes of the foods they encounter, which means you can use them over and over without worry of them harboring any pathogens that can be passed to the next set of hands that touches them.

If there is a spill or a sticky mess, pop them right into your dishwasher. They're safe to wash, and they won't bend or warp under the water's temps. They're small enough to be stored in a drawer, too, but if you need to bend them a bit to fit them into a tight cabinet, the "memory-free" silicone pops right back into shape.

I've owned six of these trivets for almost a decade. The brand has updated the line's colors as home trends change. Despite near-daily use, they look the same as they did the day I pulled them from the box.

"I love the silicone trivets and i love the fact that you can make these fun by putting them together in different patterns, mix the colors and they look pretty on your dinner table," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "They are not real big so they store a little bit better in a drawer."

These also make great housewarming gifts or hostess gifts. With the holidays approaching, stock up on a few for a quick gift. Most folks have a trivet or two languishing in a drawer, but I bet no one has ones as beautiful and functional as these. It is truly a gift they'll use every day.

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