Great Gifts the High-Tech Home Chef Will Love

Savvy chefs need smart tools.
By Susan B. Barnes
November 30, 2020

It’s fun to play around in the kitchen, to discover and combine new flavors, to create new dishes to set on the table. And if you’re into high-tech kitchen gadgets, it’s even more fun when using technology to elevate that playing around. Here, we take a look at 13 gifts for the high-tech chefs in your life… and you, too! 

Credit: LEVO

The LEVO II makes the process of herbal infusion easier from start to finish. The device self-stirs and its time and temperature controls prevent burning or boiling. Its herb pod prevents sediment, and the gravity dispenser lessens air bubbles and moisture in the final product.

Simply add fresh or dried plants of choice (e.g. herbs, spices, dried fruits) and liquid (e.g. olive oil, honey, vinegar), place an air-tight container under the spout, and you're ready to infuse.

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Credit: Courtesy of Coravin

Rather than struggling to uncork a bottle of wine, and then re-cork to save the rest for later, try Coravin. The wine preservation system pours a glass of wine without uncorking the bottle. Just place the device on top of the bottle, press the trigger to insert a needle that pressurizes it with argon gas, release, and pour. When finished remove the needle; the cork will reseal naturally and preserve your wine for later.

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Credit: Courtesy of Yummly

Meat thermometers are a vital tool for any cook because they help ensure you do not over- or undercook meals. The Yummly Smart Thermometer goes one step further, however, helping you get precisely what you want, from perfect medium-rare steaks to flaky, tender fish. The techy chef in your life will also love that they don’t have to babysit the food while it cooks; the completely wireless thermometer can connect to your smartphone up to 150 feet away.

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Credit: Coway

Take a step out of purifying water from the tap with the Coway Aquamega 100 water purifier. The triple-filtered system results in cleaner, better tasting water, no matter where you live. The system's sleek design can sit right on the countertop, or can be installed under the kitchen sink to keep it out of sight.

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Credit: Proclamation Goods

Cook more with less with The Proclamation Duo, a stainless steel three-piece “anti-set” that’s suitable for more than a dozen cooking methods. The seven-quart Hybrid Pot, 12-inch Sidekick Skillet and lid that fits both can be used on their own, or fit together to create a Dutch oven. Suitable to use on the stovetop and when finished, nestle them together for easy, compact storage.

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Credit: TaoTronics

Take the guesswork out of using an air fryer with the TaoTronics 6-Quart Air Fryer. TaoTemp Technology means exact temperatures for the duration of cooking time, and 11 presets are at the fingertips for cooking without question.

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Credit: Tovala

When the day gets away from you and it's suddenly time for dinner, it's the Tovala Smart Oven to the rescue. With a quick scan of a QR code or barcode, the oven can cook more than 850 frozen grocery store foods to their specifications so dinner's on the table sooner rather than later. It can also steam, bake, toast and broil, making it quite versatile for daily use.

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Credit: Balmuda

It's sleek, it's hot and it's perfectly-sized. Balmuda The Kettle is lightweight and ergonomically designed so that the handle fits comfortably into your hand, yet powerful, heating up 20 ounces of water in no time for piping hot mugs of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more. A small light glows when the power base is plugged in so that it's not forgotten.

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Credit: ArT Wine Preserver

Another way to preserve an open bottle of wine is with the ArT Wine Preserver. Oxygen that fills the void in an open bottle of wine is displaced with a blast of pure argon gas. Afterwards, simply put the cork back in and the wine will stay fresh for seven to 30 days.

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Credit: Amazon

Instant Pot's been in the limelight for a few years now, and it's perhaps even more popular than ever. Of the lineup, the most popular is the Instant Pot Smart WiFi, a programmable multicooker that can be controlled by smartphone apps. With eight appliances in one — pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, sauté, steamer and warmer — the only question is, what can't it do?

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Credit: American Standard

Gone are the days of peering under the faucet to be sure you have the right amount of water in your measuring cup. The Beale MeasureFill Touch Kitchen Faucet isn't just sleek, it has the technology to provide exact amounts of water, up to five cups. Use the dial to select the amount of water needed, and touch the dial window to turn on water flow. Of course, the faucet is perfect for daily use, too.

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Credit: Gozney

Now there's no need to leave the pizza oven behind when high-tech chefs hit the road. The portable Roccobox is a restaurant-grade portable pizza oven, and it can certainly be used at home, too. Cook Neapolitan-style pizzas in 60 seconds using a gas burner. Or, elevate the cooking experience with a detachable wood burner accessory, sold separately.

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Credit: Kelly Marshall

New in the CRUXGG line from Crux x Ghetto Gastro, a collective of top chefs who use food to empower communities, fight racism, and advance social justice, is BRED. With 15 preset functions, including French, gluten-free, and kneading, bakers also choose crust color (light, medium, or dark). The express cycle bakes loaves of bread in under two hours, and the appliance can be used to make jams, doughs, and cakes, too.

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