two sets of hot sauce and a cookbook

The Ultimate Spicy Gift Guide for People Who Love Heat

Spice up the holidays.
By Hayley Sugg
November 10, 2020

Searching for a gift for the hot head in your life? Then look no longer. Our roundup of the best spicy gifts includes 11 must-have presents for heat seekers of all types. From DIY hot sauce kits to spicy seasoning sets, they're sure to get a kick out of their gift, no matter which one you choose.

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Truff 3 pack gift set on a white background
Credit: TRUFF

Tasty Trio

Made with a blend of chilis, vinegar, sugar, and real truffles, any heat seeker on your list will love this TRUFF Variety Bundle. Each box contains the original black truffle, white truffle, and hotter black truffle sauces. With the perfect balance of tangy, sweet, and hot, it's excellent over tacos, burgers, or anything else that could use a kick. 

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Truth of Dab box with hot sauce and cards
Credit: Heatonist

Spicy Secrets

Inspired by the YouTube series, this Hot Ones Truth or Dab the Game gets down to the nitty gritty with a blend of friend trivia and tantalizing hot sauce. Each set comes with 250 cringe-worthy questions, plus a bottle of The Last Dab sauce, and only you can decide which choice will be less painful.

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Bottle of Brine Brothers next a cocktail
Credit: Brine Brothers

Mixers and Marinades

Excellent as a marinade or cocktail mixer, this Brine Brother Chili Cherry Fire is a must-have for any spice aficionado. The vinegar-based brine is the perfect balance of tart and spicy thanks to the addition of hot red peppers. Use it for your next Bloody Mary or marinate chicken breasts for an unbeatable sandwich. 

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Brine Brothers
hot sauce shaped earrings
Credit: Baublebar

Bold Bling

Your gift recipient can proudly display their love of hot sauce with these Some Like It Hot earrings from Baublebar. The gold plated hoops are hypoallergenic and the glass stones make for an eye-catching appearance.

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Spiceology sriracha set with six bottles
Credit: Spiceology

Creative Collection

For anyone obsessed with sriracha on your holiday gift list, they're sure to swoon over this unique Sriracha Blends set from Spiceology. Each packing the heat of sriracha, these little jars of spice come in fun flavors like Candied Bacon, Honey Garlic, Black Truffle, and Miso Teriyaki. So get a dose of hot with notes of sweet, smoky, or tangy depending on which blend you choose.

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Hot sauce kit with bottles, peppers, and spices
Credit: Uncommon Goods

DIY Delight

For that friend who loves to DIY everything, this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit from Uncommon Goods will give them full control of their homemade condiments. With half a dozen hot sauce bottles, a variety of peppers, several spices, two vinegars, and a recipe booklet, they'll have everything they need from this handy kit.

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Uncommon Goods
Cholula bottle pin on jeans
Credit: Sucrose Pins / Etsy

Pin Pride

A beloved staple hot sauce, wear your pride on your sleeve (or lapel or backpack) of your love for Cholula with this nifty Cholula Soft Enamel Pin. At 1.5 inches tall, it's just the right size to be a conversation starter with fellow heat seekers. 

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Five packs of different flavored Samyang ramens
Credit: Amazon

Numbing Noodles

Eye-wateringly hot, this set of five flavors of Samyang Korean Ramen will light a fire under even the biggest spice enthusiast. Each set contains a pack of Original, Carbonara, Cheese, Jjajang, and Buldak Samyang ramens. The bouncy noodles and flavorful sauce will leave your giftee craving more.

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AR's Hot Southern Honey Sampler 3-Pack in a cardboard box
Credit: AR's Hot Southern Honey

Sweetly Spiced

Perfectly balanced between sweet and spicy, this Hot Southern Honey Sampler from AR's is sure to heat up your next meal. Choose between hot, mild, or bourbon barrel-aged honey to drizzle on dishes like pizza, chicken biscuits, or baked brie.

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AR's Hot Southern Honey
Leather hot sauce holster holding Tabasco
Credit: Etsy / Maple Creek General

Straight Shooter

Great as a real or gag gift, this Leather Hot Sauce Holster on Etsy is sure to be something they don't already own. It's just the right size for hanging off your belt and having a small bottle of hot sauce on your hip for dressing up lackluster meals.

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Fiery Ferments Book
Credit: Amazon

Homemade Heat

Forget store-bought hot sauces and salsas. Once your favorite hot head makes their first batch of condiments from Fiery Ferments, they'll never look back at the pre-made stuff. Ranging from basics like DIY sriracha to more unique recipes such as stuffed pickled cherry pepper bombs, hot heads won't be able to get enough of this helpful book.

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Hot spices gift set on a white background
Credit: Amazon

Spice for a Cause

Finding this FreshJax Hot and Spicy Seasonings Set under the Christmas tree will make anyone jump for joy. Each artisanal blend is made with a variety of herbs, spices, and salt. With heat levels from comfortably hot to tongue searingly spicy, you'll love using flavors like Habanero Lime and Ghost Pepper Sea Salt to season everything from steamed veggies to grilled meats. As a bonus, for each box of spices purchased a meal is donated by the company to end childhood hunger.

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Boxed hot sauce sampler
Credit: Walmart

Tasty Traveling

Go around the globe without leaving the dinner table by gifting this World Wide Hot Sauce Sampler. With 30 flavors inspired by areas ranging from Budapest to Belize, they're sure to find a few favorites among with spicy collection.

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