Gifts for Men Who Love to Cook

Get your husband, father, or guy friend a wow-worthy gift from our helpful list.
By Hayley Sugg
Updated December 01, 2020
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Men can be notoriously difficult to buy holiday gifts for. They have varied interests, sure, but do they really need more football jerseys or memorabilia for their game room? And if they'd rather spend time outdoors instead of in front of a screen, you may find yourself unsure what new camping equipment is best, or what set of binoculars would be great for their bird watching weekends.

If you're looking for a gift for a guy who loves cooking, grilling, or even drinking, you are sure to find a favorite product on this list. Get the man in your life anything from a top-notch pizza oven or air fryer, to a baseball-themed spatula and Star Wars baking mat.

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Made through a partnership of CRUX and Ghetto Gastro, this CRUXGG NEFI Digital Toaster Oven with Air Frying will add sleek style to your countertop while also improving dinnertime. The appliance has 10 pre-programmed cooking settings for easy use and offers two speeds of convection cooking and an air fryer function.

Buy it: $250; Williams Sonoma

Credit: Williams Sonoma

The grill master in your life will appreciate these helpful Grill Prep Trays from Williams Sonoma. Made of shatter-resistant melamine, you can place raw meats on the red tray, then switch them over to the black after a trip to the grill. Keep your kitchen safe and stylish.

Buy it: $20; Williams Sonoma

Credit: Growler Werks

For the adventurous man, the GrowlerWerks uKeg Go is ready to hit the road alongside him. Light weight and easy to carry, this growler holds 64-ounces of his favorite beer, cider, or mead.

Buy it: $99; Amazon

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Spend an evening outdoors, and enjoy some freshly made Italian pie, with the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven from Williams Sonoma. Get all the taste of wood-fired pizza without the space-occupying size of a real one. The oven is extra simple to use, too, with a one-touch gas ignition and adjustable heat knob, meaning you won't have to pull out an instruction manual every time pizza night rolls around.

Buy it: $329; Williams Sonoma

Credit: Sur La Table

Keep your clothes clean and your tools handy with this Apron Tool Kit from Sur La Table. Made of a heavy tan twill, the large side pockets are perfect for neatly holding the included spatula and tongs.

Buy it: $50; Sur La Table

Credit: Kenyon

Made to be the ultimate option for the grill master in your life, the Kenyon Texan + Stand electric grill is designed to include a workspace for prep, cooking, and even serving, all built around the electric grill's two 1500-Watt elements that heat and cook 310 square inches of surface. Bonus: it's virtually smoke free, and it contains built-in storage for tucking away grilling tools accessories for easy organization. 

Buy it: $3000; Kenyon

Credit: Sur La Table

Skip the food processor or spice grinder, and take the DIY route with this Staub Vintage Mortar and Pestle. With its cast iron base and tip on a beechwood handle, not only will it get the job done when mixing pesto or crushing spices, it will also look great while doing it.

Buy it: $30; Sur La Table

Credit: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Flavored salts are often infused with super savory ingredients like herbs and peppers, but this Jacobsen X Stumptown Hair Bender Salt takes it in a whole new direction: Jacobsen flaky sea salt is infused with Stumptown's ground Hair Bender coffee (and a touch of cold brew) for an entirely unique product. Use it on baked goods like cookies and brownies, sprinkle over roast veggies, or use in a rub for meats.

Buy it: $13; Stumptown Coffee

Credit: Target

Keep his feet warm and toasty while he sips his morning coffee, cooks the family's breakfast, and makes the rounds feeding the pets. These buffalo check slippers feature a fuzzy lining and cushioned insoles for the ultimate in warm and toasty tootsies. Even better? There's a whole line of coordinating slippers for the family.

Buy it: $15; Target

Credit: Rocky Luten/Food52

Say goodbye to the clunky wooden bread boxes of yesteryear, and say hello to the Food52 Simple Steel Bread Box. Made with powder-coated steel and available in both black and white, the bread box features a magnetic closure that is sure to keep your loaves fresh for days longer than leaving it on the counter.

Buy it: $95; Food52

Credit: Target

Combine his love for his smartphone apps with his love for a piping hot cup of coffee. The Ember Mug 2 Temperature Control Smart Mug allows you to set your temperature preferences via an iOS or Android app, and the built-in rechargeable battery will keep every sip perfect until it's time for a refill.

Buy it: $100; Target

Credit: W&P Design

Your favorite nerdy man will be delighted to open their gift of a Millennium Falcon Baking Mat from W&P Design. Covered with the schematics of the famous rebel ship, the nonstick silicone texture makes it perfect for baking up a batch of cookies or roasting potatoes. Pie crust sizes are cleverly hidden in the ship's shape.

Buy it: $24; Amazon

Credit: Lodge Cast Iron

Made by Tennessee's Lodge Cast Iron, this Enameled Antler Trivet is excellent for protecting countertops and dining room tables from hot dishes. As a bonus, when it's not in use, the handy metal ring allows for it to be hung up for display. 

Buy it: $20; Lodge

Credit: Presto

Great for hitting the road or hosting a backyard tailgate, the Nomad 6-quart Traveling Slow Cooker can do it all. The picnic cooler-style exterior remains cool to the touch, with a helpful handle for carrying and dry erase area for labeling the dish of the day. 

Buy it: $53; Amazon

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Credit: Chef'n

Get more bang for your buck with these Chef'n Shredding Tongs that do the work of two utensils. The tongs are great for serving or tossing together meals, but they can also be separated into two shredding tools to prepare dishes like pulled pork or shredded chicken. Package these up with a bottle of barbeque sauce and your guy won't be able to resist cooking up your next dinner.

Buy it: $13; Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Contigo's Stainless Steal Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug is our pick for the best budget-friendly travel coffee mug, and the 55,000 5-star ratings would agree with our pick. "My Starbucks thermals are all breaking down so I needed a new source for thermal cups," one reviewer wrote. "This product is a great replacement and stayed hot longer than my usual SB mugs."

Buy it: $21; Amazon

Credit: Amazon

He's the family sandwich maker, so give him a gift he'll love using to impress his kitchen full of hungry customers. The Yabano Panini Press Grill is large enough to fit four full sandwiches, and it's lightweight for easy storage. We picked it as our overall best panini press, and it happens to be a bargain, too.

Buy it: $48; Amazon

Credit: Stonewall Kitchen

Take bacon beyond the breakfast table with this super savory trio of products from Stonewall Kitchen. The Bacon Gift Set includes a boozy bacon barbeque sauce, maple bacon aioli, and maple bacon onion jam, all of which are perfect for slathering on sandwiches or serving over grilled meats.

Buy it: $28; Stonewall Kitchen

Credit: Victorinox Swiss Army

If your guy is a fan of Swiss Army knives, then he'll enjoy taking this beloved brand from the pocket to the dinner table with the Victorinox Swiss Carving Set. Each set includes a 19 cm carving knife and 15 cm carving fork, available in either black or classic red colors.

Buy it: $59; Amazon


Keep beers, seltzers, or sodas crisp and cool in the BruMate Hopsulator Trio, one of our picks for the best koozies. This 3-piece koozie set can be used for 12-ounce cans or 16-ounce pint glasses.

Buy it: $26; BruMate

Credit: Stryve

If the dude in your life could be described as a "carnivore," then they'll be delighted to be given the World's Meatiest Gift from Stryve. The lucky giftee will receive monthly shipments of high-quality beef biltong slabs, slices, and sticks for meaty snacking all day, every day. 

Buy it: $1500; Stryve

Credit: Fred

If his favorite place to go is the ball field, then he'll be delighted to find the Fred Batter Up Spatula underneath the Christmas tree. Coated with flexible silicone, it does a great job scraping mixing bowls and makes clean up a breeze.

Buy it: $15; Fred

Credit: Man Crates

The Grill Master Crate from Man Crates isn't just a gift he'll love, it's a challenge. Boarded up in a wooden crate, each kit comes with a crowbar for cracking open this box of goodies. Each crate contains two types of barbeque sauce, a dry rub, brass knuckle meat tenderizer, wood chips, a smoker box, and a set of meat thermometers. With this crate on-hand, he'll never have to worry about having a boring barbeque.

Buy it: $100; Man Crates

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