12 Food Puzzles to Deliciously Pass the Time

Feed your brain and your boredom with these food puzzles.
By Sarra Sedghi
December 10, 2020
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With all that staying home and avoiding other people, analog activities gained a huge standing this year. Case in point? Puzzles.

The demand for puzzles surged this year, as people are housebound and starved for entertainment. Plus, a little mental stimulation never hurts, especially when it helps you put a fake pizza together, or turn cardboard confetti into a beautiful array of colorful doughnuts.

We've rounded up 12 food-themed jigsaw puzzles that fit a variety of ages and skill sets. Wrap one up as a gift, or ship a few straight to you so you have immediate distraction whenever you've run out of new things to watch on the TV.

Credit: Target

A guaranteed foolproof cake is one you don't have to actually bake. This cheery 1000-piece puzzle will provide layers of entertainment.

Buy it: $18; Target

Credit: Amazon

If there are two things people have gotten into this year, it's cheese boards and puzzles. This 504-piece puzzle simply marries the two. You could even solve this while grazing on a cheese plate, as long as you catch yourself before accidentally putting a puzzle piece in your mouth.

Buy it: $25; Amazon

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Credit: Walmart

At 300 pieces, this pizza puzzle is on the lower end of the intimidation scale. Plus, every slice is different, which never happens in real life.

Buy it: $26; Walmart

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Credit: Amazon

If they're old enough to play, they're old enough to puzzle. This kid-friendly puzzle bundle comes with three boxes full of vibrant puzzles shaped like familiar foods. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

Buy it: $20; Amazon

Credit: Springbok

Full disclosure, I own this puzzle, and it's probably my favorite I've purchased or received. Not only do the assorted snacks induce some serious nostalgia, but they also allow the puzzle-anxious to help by grouping clusters of colors and logos.

Buy it: $18; hobbylobby.com

Credit: Williams Sonoma

This technicolor display of melting ice pops will have you craving summer, even in the middle of winter. With 500 pieces, it's manageable for puzzle novices, and kids can help you sort by color.

Buy it: $14; Williams Sonoma

Credit: Springbok

The beautiful thing about food puzzles is that they transport us to worlds where fantastical creations, like this incredibly stacked sandwich, are possible — and become even more incredible the longer you look at it.

Buy it: $17; Walmart

Credit: Williams Sonoma

The work of photographer Sarah Phillips, founder of Ugly Produce is Beautiful, is showcased in this stunning still life puzzle.

Buy it: $14; Williams Sonoma

Credit: Food52

Piece together your day while you're piecing together this beautiful breakfast display puzzle. The same puzzle maker also has one covered with glistening glasses of bubbly and sparkling wines

Buy it: $36; Food52

Credit: Hobby Lobby

Get an extra dose of nostalgia from this 1000-piece collection of vintage cereal box designs. Milk not included.

Buy it: $18; Hobby Lobby

Credit: Nordstrom

Who needs square and rectangle puzzles when you can make one shaped like an ice cream cone? This one comes complete with sprinkles because not even a cardboard scoop needs toppings.

Buy it: $15; Nordstrom

Credit: Cobble Hill

Here's a puzzle that impossible not to smile about. Really, please notice that boxer's tongue stuck to the imaginary window.

Buy it: $15; Walmart