Cute and Practical Packaging for Giving Food Gifts This Year

Share the joy this holiday season with perfectly packaged meals and treats.

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Food is an integral part of the holidays. Most of us are gearing up to enjoy gathering around a dinner table with extended family or attending cookie swaps with friends. Of course, sharing food often requires packaging it in things you can give away or won't miss if your neighbor forgets to return it.

Package up your famous casserole, make a batch of wow-worthy cookies, or bake a few loaves of always-popular banana bread. No matter what your favorite wintertime dishes are, you can wrap them up nice and neat with the help of these 10 practical gifting options:

Aluminum Loaf Pans with Holiday Lids

Holiday Loaf Pans with Lids

Just the right size for sides or appetizers, these handy little containers keep soup toppings snug or casseroles warm. Or you can bake quick breads and pound cakes directly in the aluminum pan. Each set comes with 50 pans and 10 different designs of holiday lids.

Christmas Wax Paper Sheets

Christmas wax paper sheets

Wax paper is excellent for wrapping up treats and baked goods for sharing, but why not get a variety that adds some holiday flair? This Christmas decorated wax paper is helpful for wrapping bread, cookies, scones, and more.

3D Holiday Treat Boxes

Christmas Treat Boxes

Add some extra whimsy to your food gifting with these 3D house boxes. Each pack contains 24 boxes in three different styles. You can stuff them full to the roof with plenty of seasonal treats.

Wondershop Folk Gift Tags

holiday gifts tags with craft paper, red and green stripes and raindeer

Don't forget to label your homemade goodies. This 50-count pack of Wondershop Folk Gift Tags adds a touch of whimsy to any packaging.

Colorful Cotton Twine

Twine Cotton String Rope Cord

Twine is a must-have for holiday wrapping. This helpful sturdy string can keep things like wax paper and box lids from coming undone while adding a dash of seasonal colors.

Ziploc Holiday Containers

Ziploc Holiday Container in red

If you're looking for a sturdier gifting option, Ziploc's limited-edition containers keep with the holiday theme while ensuring food travels safe and sound. If you're looking for a larger container or other color option, Ziploc also makes a green variety.

Personalized Kitchen Labels

Personalized Kitchen Labels on a jar
PreppyProdigy / Etsy

Add a special touch to your gifted foods with personalized "Homemade with Love" stickers from Etsy. These trendy labels can be stuck on everything from casserole carriers to cookie tins.

Christmas Tin Foil Containers

Gift Boutique 36 Count Christmas Tin Foil Containers

If your gift recipients have a sweet tooth, then you need these handy foil containers. They're just the right size for packaging up chocolates and candies for delicious presents. But if you're feeding dinner, they're great for half servings of casseroles or sides.

4-Color Christmas Curling Ribbon

4 End Curl Ribbon Red/White/Green 125ft - Wondershop

Curling ribbon can add pizazz to even the most basic of packaging. Use it to secure lids and wrappings, or tie it around Mason jars filled with cookie mixes or soup blends.

Christmas Bakery Boxes

Christmas Cookie Boxes

If you've made some beautiful baked goods, show them off with these windowed bakery boxes. This 12-pack set conveniently comes with stickers included for labeling each gift.

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