Disposable Foil Oven Liners

The One Thing I Buy Every Thanksgiving That Isn't Food

It certainly speeds up cleaning.
By Kimberly Holland
November 18, 2020
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You let a pecan pie overflow one time while it's cooking, and suddenly the whole family reminds you of the mess you "always" make when baking. Never mind that you bake for almost every family gathering, from small birthday celebrations to holiday feasts. One sticky, charred, set-the-alarm-off goof will haunt you for the remainder of your baking days. Or so I've been told.

But one handy tool could save you from such infamy: a disposable foil oven liner. Every Thanksgiving, since The Great Pecan Pie Spill™, I've made sure my grandmother's ovens are lined with these handy trays. So just as I'm picking out our turkey and ham and planning out how to cook all the sides so they come to the table warm, I'm also clicking *add to cart* on another pack of foil liners.

Their function is very simple but vitally important. You'll place one of these top-selling oven liners below the coils of the oven or on the bottom rack. It will stay in the oven through every dish, from appetizer to turkey — and of course the dessert.

Then, after the meal is finished and you're ready to clean, pull out the liner. Toss it away if it's very dirty, or scrub it and return it to the oven. You can also quickly remove the tray if you have a major spill. This will help prevent any drips, drops, or globs from burning and setting off the smoke alarms.

"Nice and sturdy foil liners keep my oven CLEAN! I have stuff spilling over constantly, and it's so easy to wipe off little spills, or just toss the whole thing and use a new one!" one reviewer wrote. "I am ordering more today! Price is totally worth not scrubbing my oven every week!"

If you have an oven that isn't standard size, non-stick fiberglass oven liners are a great option. They're as functional as foil ones — just place them at the bottom of your oven before you begin cooking — but they can be trimmed and cut to be the same size as your oven if you need. They're also dishwasher safe and can be used again and again.

Non-Stick Heavy Duty Oven Liners
Credit: Amazon

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Some reviewers even suggest using the fiberglass oven liner to line stoves on heavy-cooking days. Just cut holes where burners are, giving enough clearance so that flames or coils are not in direct contact with the liner.

"I ordered these on a whim, after cleaning my self-cleaning over and seeing how some things just won't come off the interior enamel. They fit perfectly, have no discernable odor, and wash easily," a reviewer wrote. "I recently had the ultimate test....baked beans that boiled over. After the oven cooled, I pulled the liner out, stuck it in the sink, and all of the dried stuff came off without scrubbing!"

So while you're trying to finalize your Thanksgiving plans and buying mini baking pans to go with your scaled-down desserts this year, go ahead and add a pack of these oven liners to your Amazon cart so you can make cleanup a snap — and avoid any stories of infamous baking goofs.

Disposable Foil Oven Liners
Credit: Amazon

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