The Original TacoCat Taco Holder two cats with tacos in them

These Adorable Cat and Dog Taco Holders Make Taco Tuesday So Fun

You could say they're purr-fect.
By Karla Walsh
March 27, 2021
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Taco Tuesday has gone to the dogs in the best way! Because dinosaurs shouldn't have all the fun (see: this $15 dino taco holder is a hit at taco night), we've been keeping our eyes open for other ways to perk up our next fiesta.

And wow, did the Internet deliver, with both a feline and a fido option. Allow us to introduce the Zealund Decorative Ceramic Dog Taco Holder and the House Hubby The Original TacoCat Taco Holder. So whether you and your family are Team Cat or Team Dog, you have an adorable tortilla-hugging option to spice up your table.

We love that both are dishwasher-safe and actually make it easier to keep your tacos together and fully-stuffed as you assemble and serve (especially those built with more flexible flour tortillas). They're also eco-friendly — the 1-slot TacoCat is made with BPA-free, food-safe silicone, and the 3-slot taco chihuahua is constructed with toxic-free ceramic materials.

Decorative Ceramic Dog Taco Holder with three tacos in each slot
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: Decorative Ceramic Dog Taco Holder, $20;

Both are ideal to hold six-inch or smaller tortillas (hat tip to you, trendy street tacos!) and make silly yet thoughtful gifts for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine as much as they love their furry friends.

"My nieces didn't like tacos," one reviewer says of the TacoCat. "So my sister and I thought MAYBE we could give them something they would enjoy looking at to encourage them to join the land of taco fun and IT WORKED! They are asking for tacos every other day and they like to play with the cat when they aren't eating."

The dog taco holder, conversely, is "Cute! Perfect for that Chihuahua lover in your life," another reviewer says.

But don't feel like you're restricted to using these for south-of-the-border fare alone. Try them for any lettuce wraps, crepes, pita sandwiches, or even Korean barbeque.

"This ain't just for tacos! I used it on my Korean barbecue last weekend and it holds the lettuce and meat very nicely. The silicone sleeve made it very easy to clean afterwards; just pop it into the dishwasher. The cute design made it excellent for little (or big) kids to use," a reviewer raves.

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The Original TacoCat Taco Holder

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