This Egg Cooker Hard Boils, Steams, Poaches, and Even Makes Omelets With the Push of a Button

And it has almost 1,000 perfect 5-star ratings.
By Stacey Ballis
March 30, 2021
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Chefman Electric Egg Cooker
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As someone in a mixed-marriage, I have always enjoyed the benefit of getting to celebrate both my Jewish traditions, as well as the Christian holidays of my husband's upbringing. I love that we have both a menorah and small sparkly tree for the winter holiday season, and I especially love that we get to do both Passover and Easter.

This Spring duo are my favorites, since the focus is all on food, and they both mark the end of a long winter, when our cooking practices begin to shift. I admit, since neither of us is particularly devout, these holidays for us are all about the food, and we look forward to the paschal leg of lamb and the Easter ham with equal delight.

In fact, the only thing I ever dread about these holidays, which always come in tandem, is the need for hard-boiled eggs at scale. I am a person who does not consume eggs when you can see separation between white and yolk. So, while I will never turn down a scramble, or omelet, quiche, or custard, the pantheon from soft- to hard-boiled, poached and coddled, fried up or over, not my thing. And as we all know, when you don't cook something that is a bit fussy with any regularity, you are not often terribly good at it.

The only such egg you need to have in your repertoire for recipes and entertaining is the hard-boiled. From the holiday traditions, to deviled eggs for parties, to egg salad or needing eggs in other dishes like potato salad, I have taught myself to cook hard boiled eggs out of pure necessity. But I still don't always get it right, and there is nothing more annoying than the hard-boiled egg with the green film around the yolk, or rubbery whites, or powdery dry yolks.

So, imagine my delight when I actually found a gadget that takes all the guesswork and fussing out of egg cookery, and can crank out a dozen perfect specimens at a time.

The Chefman Egg Cooker is here to save Passover and Easter and every egg-requiring need in between, and let me tell you, I am here for it.

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker
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This compact countertop unit can do a dozen in-shell eggs to any doneness you prefer, making soft boiled eggs for a family breakfast as easy as pushing a button. It can do medium hard eggs with jammy middles to top your bowls of ramen, and the best part, perfect hard-boiled eggs to serve at your Seder, or dye for your Easter, or make endless trays of deviled beauties for your next barbeque.

Even better, it also comes with trays to make puffy steamed omelets, or a pair of poached. Taking all the guesswork and annoyance out of your breakfast, and making weekday eggs not just possible, but achievable. Simple enough for the kids to use, and even better, enormously affordable, this little egg cooking beauty will be something you use all year long and will make your Spring celebrations that much easier.

And it comes in five colors to match any kitchen, from classic black, grey and ivory, to midnight blue and punchy red. And at only $25, the kind of investment we can all afford to make.