The 10 Best Wine Openers so Nothing Will Stand Between You and Your Next Glass

Here are our favorite wine openers, including the best wing opener, the IPOW Wine Corkscrew.

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Enjoying a glass of wine is the perfect way to celebrate, relax, or even commiserate. But before the wine hits your glass, you have to open the bottle. And if you don't have the right opener, this process can range from being frustrating to downright catastrophic if the cork breaks or just won't come out.

A wine opener that is effective and easy to use is a crucial piece of your home bar arsenal. When choosing a wine opener, you'll want to consider the different styles: wing, lever, hinged, pull, and electric. In addition to corkscrew options, there are also wine openers that use flexible prongs. The wine opener you select should be the right size to store in your home, and appropriate for your personal strength. We researched the best wine openers that are durable and easy to use for every person, occasion, and preference. The IPOW Wine Corkscrew is one of our favorites; read on for the rest.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best wine openers currently on the market.

Best Wine Openers at a Glance

What to Consider When Buying a Wine Opener

Every wine opener yields the same result: an open bottle of wine. But you do have a few different options when it comes to the process by which you remove the cork. Before you choose one, you'll want to consider these factors:


There are a few different styles for wine openers. The majority of wine openers use a corkscrew, a metal helix that screws down into the cork and grips it from the inside so you can extract it. But the differences come in how you extract the cork. The most common style of wine openers include:

  • Wing: Wing wine openers get their name from the two long arms on either side of the corkscrew. These arms rise as you use the handle (which is typically also a bottle opener) to twist the corkscrew down into the cork. Then the cork is extracted by holding onto the arms and pressing them down to the neck of the bottle.
  • Lever: Where a wing corkscrew has two wings, a lever opener has one lever. To use a lever opener, you hold the opener in place around the neck of the wine bottle, either by squeezing two handles or gripping the device around the bottle's neck. Meanwhile, with the other hand, you press down on the lever to insert the corkscrew into the cork, then pull up on the lever to extract it.
  • Hinged: Also called a waiter's corkscrew, a hinged wine opener folds in on itself (similar to a pocketknife) and is unfolded to reveal the corkscrew. Once the corkscrew has been pulled out, you would spin the opener to twist it down into the cork, then position the metal fulcrum on the lip of the bottle and use the leverage to pull the cork out.
  • Pull: While the other styles of wine openers all create some sort of leverage to help you remove the cork, pull-style openers rely on your strength to muscle the cork out of the bottle.
  • Electric: Just like the name implies, electric wine openers do the work of inserting the corkscrew and extracting the cork for you. In most cases, all you need to do is press a button.

Personal Strength

Simply put, some wine openers require more muscle than others, and the amount you want to use should influence your choice of opener. Placing the different styles of wine opener in order from least strength required to most, you have electric, lever, wing, hinged and pull. Electric and lever openers require no strength at all; wing and hinged create some leverage that you then use to pull the cork out; and pull openers are just you and your biceps versus the cork.

Opener Size

The sizes of wine openers can vary considerably, and where you want to store it as well as where you anticipate using it can play a role in the type of opener you choose.

If you're tight on storage space, you may want an opener that you can tuck into a kitchen drawer or the corner of a shelf. If you're frequently hosting picnics or cookouts or traveling with your wine, you'll want an opener that is easy to take with you.

Meanwhile, if you have a bar or bar cart that's the focal point of your entertaining space, you may want a larger opener with more of a wow factor.

Best Wine Openers of 2022

Best Wing Corkscrew: IPOW Wine Corkscrew

silver corkscrew on a white background

This wing corkscrew/bottle opener combo from IPOW is durable and effective. Available in black, silver, or green trim, this wine opener is made of solid zinc alloy. The ergonomic wing handles have anti-slip rubber coverings that make it easy to press the cork out of your bottle of wine without losing your grip. The sharp spiral corkscrew works easily and efficiently without breaking the cork on its way out.

Its small size means the opener will fit easily in a drawer and is the right size to take on an outing. The top of this versatile wine opener is designed to open bottles of beer and other beverages.

Buy it: $12; Amazon

Best Hinged Corkscrew: HiCoup Professional Waiter's Corkscrew

open pocket corkscrew

The #1 Amazon bestseller in Waiter Corkscrews, this HiCoup model comes in 15 different colors and materials, from different types of wood to stone, resin, and stainless steel.

On the functionality side, it features a double-hinged fulcrum that will provide the exact amount of leverage you need regardless of the cork or bottle size, plus a serrated foil cutter, bottle opener, and stainless-steel corkscrew.

"The restaurant I work at gives us wine keys; however mine broke nearly immediately, so I bought this," writes one of the 8,320 five-star reviewers. "I have since opened hundreds of bottles of wine and it feels and works like new still! All the servers I work with compliment it every time I let them borrow it. Truly amazing and high quality."

Buy it: $12.97; Amazon

Best Inexpensive: Professional Waiter Corkscrew Set

Professional Waiter Corkscrew Set

Slightly smaller than the HiCoup wine opener, these hinged corkscrews come in a pack of four for $11, working out to just $2.75 per opener. With a grooved corkscrew, foil cutter, bottle opener, and stainless-steel handle, you're getting serious value for your money.

Since they come in a multipack, these openers are perfect if you're hosting a party and want to leave them out on the bar, while the size means you can tuck one in your pocket or your purse to take with you on a picnic.

Another boon: Every set comes with a black, yellow, red, and white opener, so you can choose the one that matches your party's color scheme or your mood as you reach for your bottle of wine.

Buy it: $10.99; Amazon

Best Electric: Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

electric wine opener with a white background

Opening a bottle of wine could not be simpler than it is with the Oster Electric Opener, which is Amazon's Choice in Bottle Openers and has 26,800 five-star reviews. You place the opener over the wine bottle, press the down-arrow button, and wait for the opener to lower the corkscrew into the cork, and then pull it back up into the device. When you're not busy uncorking wine, the opener sits on a sleek charging base that also holds an accompanying foil cutter.

This writer received one of these openers as a gift a couple years ago, and opening wine with it is totally delightful. Once the cork is out of the bottle, you switch to the up-arrow button, and it pulls the corkscrew out, dropping the cork onto the counter. It makes opening and enjoying wine easy and stress-free.

Buy it: $24.99; Amazon

Best Lever-Style: Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Silver bottle opener on a white background

Brookstone is known for clever, creative, and useful gadgets, and this lever wine opener is no exception. The body of the opener fits snugly over the neck of the wine bottle so any size hand can hold it steady while you press the lever down and pull it back out to remove the cork in just a few seconds.

Customers agree that this opener is easier to use than other lever-style openers that require lining up and holding multiple large handles in place to use. "My similar model wine opener broke after several hundred uses and I wanted a like replacement," writes one of them. "I could not find the same model, but discovered this one that I like much better. Not only does it have a sleek design, but it uncorks wine much more smoothly, with much less effort."

Buy it: $43.99; Amazon

Best Non-Corkscrew: Belwares Ah So Wine Opener

packaged wine opener gift box

The only opener on this list without a corkscrew, this wine opener uses two thin stainless-steel prongs to grip the cork on either side and guide it out. This eliminates the possibility of a corkscrew breaking the cork from the inside, which is especially a risk with older bottles of wine that may have brittle corks.

To use, you press the prongs down into the bottle until the handle (which doubles as a bottle opener) is flat against the top of the cork. Then, you twist and pull until the cork is out.

"It's the gentlest way to open mature wine without compromising the cork," writes one satisfied wine-lover. "A must-have for anyone with a cellar!"

Another perk: The flexible prongs mean that you can also use this tool to put the cork back into the bottle if you don't finish it. You simply place the cork between the prongs, tuck the ends into the opening, and press it in.

Buy it: $12.99; Amazon

Best Travel Opener: True Utility TwiStick Multitool

corkscrew on a white background

You never know when you might unexpectedly find yourself in a situation that requires a wine opener. Fortunately, you can keep this key-ring corkscrew clipped to your keys so you never travel without. Just 2.6 inches long, roughly the size of a toothpick, the coated full-size corkscrew wraps around a stainless-steel bar that you slide out and feed through the hole at the top of the helix to create a pull-style corkscrew.

"Genius. How many times have you gone somewhere with a bottle of wine and no way to open it?!" raves one reviewer. "This product is sleek, compact and effective! I did have to wrap a towel around the pin before I was able to pull the cork out but this keychain is seriously awesome!!! All my friends were asking where to buy one!"

Buy it: $17.26; Amazon

Best Opener/Preservation System: Coravin Model One Advanced

wine bottle preserver

The priciest tool on this list by a large margin, this Coravin opener is a must-have for wine tasters or solo sippers. It inserts a specially designed wine needle into the cork that allows you to pour yourself a glass but is so narrow that the cork will squeeze back together afterward. Meanwhile, argon gas capsules (this model includes two, each of which will service up to 15 glasses of wine) preserve the quality and taste of the wine for the next time you want to enjoy it.

"I purchased this several months ago and have found that it works great," writes one customer. "Have not had a spoiled bottle of wine since, and in some cases the bottle has been used over the course of several months. I should have purchased this a couple years ago when I first looked at it." The Model One comes with Coravin's standard wine needle, but you can also purchase a vintage cork needle, which is thinner for more delicate corks, or a fast pour needle, which is slightly wider for speedier access.

Buy it: $195.95; Amazon

Best Statement Piece: Secura Champagne Gold Electric Wine Opener

golden electric wine opener

Do you have a bar cart you like to roll out when you're entertaining? Or a bar in your family room or game room that you want guests to flock to? If so, this glamorous electric wine opener from Secura is for you. The body comes in champagne gold, rose gold, blue, or silver, and the bottom lights up around the corkscrew while it's charging, making for a wine opener that doubles as a conversation starter.

"The transparent business-end of the opener helps with centering it over the cork," explains one happy customer. "It's very easy to use, even for arthritic hands. Finally, it's equally useful on the newer synthetic corks as on the traditional corks. Buy this electric corkscrew and be happy!"

The compact charging stand also houses an elegant and easy-to-use foil cutter.

Buy it: $40.99; Amazon

Best Gift Set: Smaier Wine Opener Set with Wood Case

case with a wine opener and bottle

While the Secura opener would make a great housewarming gift, a gift set like this one from Smaier is perfect for the wine lovers in your life. It features a lever-style opener, two extra corkscrews, an aerator, a wine thermometer, a foil cutter, a stopper, a pourer, and a drip ring, all housed in a chic rosewood gift box.

"Having a set like this is perfect as a gift because I don't think people who are on a tight budget would ever buy this themselves, but receiving this as a gift gets someone really excited and thankful," writes one reviewer who gifted the set to a wine-loving brother. "The pieces in this set don't look cheap quality at all, they look like high-quality pieces." The best part: No one will ever guess that paid less than $50.

Buy it: $45.99; Amazon

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