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The 9 Best Vegetable Peelers of 2021

Peel potatoes, carrots, and other veggies in a flash with these top-rated peelers.
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There's a reason so much produce is sold peeled and pre-cut. Peeling and chopping fruits and veggies is a pain. And peeling something like a bag of potatoes can seem like a never-ending task. Not to mention hand cramping or pain in your palm and wrist! But it doesn't have to be that way.

If your vegetable peeler is dull or you can't get through a couple of carrots without your palm aching, it's time to upgrade. You can now find great ergonomic designs that help cushion your hand while you quickly slice through veggie skins and fruit rinds. Some electric peelers will even tackle a bag of potatoes in minutes.

We've rounded up the best peelers for every task in the kitchen, from traditional swivel peelers to multi-blade julienne peelers. Take a look at our top-rated picks below — all less than $30! — and order a quality peeler that will make meal prep work oh-so-much easier.

Best Vegetable Peelers at a Glance

What to Consider When Buying a Vegetable Peeler


There are two major camps in the world of peelers: straight swivel or Y-shaped. Straight swivel peelers mimic the design and range of motion of a paring knife. You can peel toward yourself or away from yourself, but the strokes are much smaller than a Y-shaped peeler's.

Straight swivel peelers are best for smaller produce such as carrots. That might be another reason why peeling potatoes takes so long if you use a straight swivel peeler.

You'll use far less energy on larger produce with a Y-shaped peeler. And most professionals in the food industry prefer a Y-shaped peeler for its ability to cut through super thick skin and rinds.


Stainless steel is king, but ceramic blades are also popular. Handles can vary, too.

Some peelers are 100 percent stainless steel. Others have a stainless steel blade but feature a silicone or plastic handle. What it really comes down to is whether or not you want to handwash your peeler. There are some very fancy, chic peelers — especially for bar carts. But if you'd rather have the convenience of throwing it in the dishwasher, appearance might not matter.


Once you've decided what style and material you want, the third factor to consider when buying a vegetable peeler is general ease. Look for cushioned, soft grip handles that can take pressure off your hand and wrist.

Best Vegetables Peelers You Can Buy in 2021

vegetable peeler with stainless steel blade
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Best Overall Peeler: OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler

For an all-around great vegetable peeler that can tackle carrots and potatoes and even snag a lemon rind for garnishing drinks, the OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler is your best bet. It's less than $15, and it features a good, sturdy stainless steel blade. It also has a super-sharp eye remover at the top of the blade that can easily scoop out blemishes and potato eyes.

The non-slip handle is great for kitchen safety and limited dexterity, like OXO's other Good Grips gadgets. But best of all, it's dishwasher safe. While that is convenient, a dishwasher can dull the blade over time. However, this model does have replacement blades available.

Buy it: OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler, $14.95; Amazon, Walmart, or OXO

green vegetable peeler
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Best Budget Peeler: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

Don't let the word budget fool you. This $8 peeler from Kuhn Rikon is a favorite of the restaurant industry. There's no fancy cushioning here, but it gets the job done. Even the plastic handle, which comes in several bright colors, is incredibly sturdy. The carbon steel blade is super sharp, but it can dull if you don't take good care of it. This peeler isn't dishwasher safe and should be hand washed and dried immediately after each use.

Buy it: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler, $7.50; Amazon or Walmart

Rösle Stainless Steel Wide Crosswise Swivel Peeler
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Best Stainless Steel Peeler: Rösle Stainless Steel Wide Crosswise Swivel Peeler

Who knew a vegetable peeler could be so pretty? This is the most expensive manual peeler on our list, but it's worth it for the engineered construction that's sturdy but balanced.

If you love creating cocktails at home and peeling lemons and oranges for martini twists or an Old Fashioned garnish, this stylish, stainless steel peeler is for you (and your bar cart). This peeler is dishwasher safe, and it's construction is suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals. Should it break, all Rösle products carry a lifetime warranty against defects.

Buy it: Rösle Stainless Steel Wide Crosswise Swivel Peeler, $27; Amazon, Sur La Table, or Macy's

black and purple stainless peeler
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Best Peeler for Large Vegetables: OXO Large Vegetable Prep Peeler

Carrots and potatoes are the most common veggies that need peeling. But if you love to cook with large fruits and veggies, like butternut squash, you need a larger peeler.

Extra large Y-shaped peelers allow longer, wider strokes to cover more surface area faster. And that means less time spent peeling and less stress on your hands. It's also super handy for creating ribbons of eggplant and shredding cabbage for slaw quickly. Like the OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler, its non-slip handle is easy to grip.

Buy it: OXO Large Vegetable Prep Peeler, $10.99; Amazon, Macy's, or OXO

vegetable peeler with stainless steel blade
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Best Ergonomic Peeler: OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Ergonomic refers to how well the peeler feels, operates, and is contoured to your hand. The OXO Good Grips line is great for those with arthritis or limited mobility as the handles are softer, larger, and easier to grip, as the name implies. Unlike the OXO Pro Swivel Peeler listed above, this model features an oversized handle that's designed for repetitive strokes. It doesn't have a sharp metal eye remover like the Pro, but the handle does have extra no-slip ridges for gripping.

Buy it: OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler, $10.99; Amazon, Williams Sonoma, or OXO

Deiss PRO Dual Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler
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Best Multi-Blade Peeler: Deiss PRO Dual Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler

Short on drawer space? Multi-blade peelers allow you to either swap out various blades or switch between different blades for peeling. The Deiss PRO Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler peels potatoes with ease. The julienne blade is handy for slicing carrots for salads and ramen bowls, not to mention creating veggie noodles with zucchini and squash. This blade is super, super sharp, so make sure it doesn't get in the hands of little chefs. It doesn't come with a blade guard to prevent nicks, so be sure it's stored safely away from people who might not pay attention to where they're reaching.

Buy it: Deiss PRO Dual Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler, $10.98; Amazon or Walmart

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Starfrit peeler peeling a potato
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Best Electric Peeler: Starfrit Rotato Express 2.0

If you hate peeling or just the time it takes, you need to invest in an electric peeler. This magical countertop appliance that you didn't know you needed will do all the work for you. And it's fast.

One of the most popular electric vegetable peelers, the Starfrit Rotato Express 2.0, can peel a potato in 10 seconds. Yes, really. And it's surprisingly efficient at only peeling the skin.

Just take a look at the more than 1,200 5-star reviews on Amazon. The machine can also peel fruits such as lemons and oranges and makes a really pretty spiral that you could easily cut up into martini twists or cocktail garnishes.

Buy it: Starfrit Rotato Express 2.0, $28.99; Amazon or Walmart

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Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler
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Best Ceramic Peeler: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler

Most of the peeler blades in our roundup are either stainless steel or carbon steel. But there's another option: ceramic peelers. Ceramic blades are insanely sharp, and they're built to last. The highly-rated Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler features a ceramic blade that the company claims will maintain its sharp edge 10 times longer than a stainless steel blade. It's also very lightweight compared to other peelers due to the plastic handle, which comes in a handful of fun, bright colors.

Buy it: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Horizontal Y Peeler, $9.95; Amazon or Walmart

yellow green palm peeler
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Best Palm Peeler: Chef'n PalmPeeler Vegetable Peeler

There are some peelers that stray from the swivel or Y-shaped design, such as palm peelers. Tthese have quite the fan base.

These little gadgets are great for camping and RV trips when you're short on packing space. And they're also a nice size for college dorms and apartments where there's little cabinet space.

One of the highest-rated palm peelers is the Chef'n PalmPeeler. You can snag it on Amazon for $7 with free shipping for Prime members. The peeler features a stainless steel blade, and it even comes with a blade guard to protect fingers from getting cut and prevent the blade from getting dull. The palm peeler is dishwasher safe, too. It just needs to go in the top rack.

Buy it: Chef'n PalmPeeler Vegetable Peeler, $6.99; Amazon

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