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The 14 Best Subscription Boxes for Mother's Day Gifts

Give your mom the gift that keeps on giving.
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If you're stumped on what to buy for Mother's Day, or when one gift just doesn't seem to cut it, turn to this handy round-up of the best subscription boxes for Mother's Day. Each month, your mom can receive a fun little gift, ranging from curated tea bags to tasty international snacks, for joy that will last far beyond one day.

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a box full of Japanese snacks
Credit: Bokksu


If your mom has the travel bug, help her explore parts of the world through fun international snacks. Bokksu specializes in unique Japanese products, ranging from savory to sweet, with a handy guide pointing out which region each treat was produced in. 

Buy it: Three month subscription, $45;

a box full of jams
Credit: V Smiley Preserves

V Smiley Preserves

Change up her brunch routine by buying your mom a subscription to V Smiley Preserves. Naturally sweetened with honey, and featuring unique flavors like cherry hibiscus and strawberry Italian plum, these preserves are equally delicious on toast, with a cheese plate, or dolloped in yogurt.

Buy it: Six month subscription, $138;

box of tea bags
Credit: Sips by

Sips By

Give the gift of a soothing cup of tea with a subscription to Sips by. Each monthly box is packed full of worldwide varieties of teas, reusable tea filters, tasting notes, and even discount coupons for if mom finds a new favorite in this month's package. 

Buy it: Three month subscription, $45;

chocolate bars
Credit: Bar and Cocoa Club

Bar and Cocoa Club

If chocolate is your mom's weakness, then she'll be thrilled to receive a subscription to Bar & Cocoa. Their Dark Chocolate Club sends out a curated package of four full-size chocolate bars, often from a variety of countries with hard-to-find options. 

Buy it: Three months subscription, $130;

a box of spices next to cooked food
Credit: The Spicery

The Spicery

Help your mother get out of a cooking rut, or just explore new cuisines, with The Spicery's World Kitchen Explorer subscription. Each month she'll receive a packet of heady spices following a cultural theme, each paired with unique international recipes printed on laminated cards that she can use over and over again.

Buy it: Three month subscription, $37;

a box on soil
Credit: Seed Bank Box

Seed Bank Box

For the moms with a green thumb, the Seed Bank Box is sure to keep her entertained for hours. Each box is filled with eight to 10 varieties of seeds for edible plants, most of which are veggies, herbs, or culinary flowers. Sign her up for a summer of freshly grown produce right from her own backyard. 

Buy it: Six months subscription, $122;

box of baking supplies
Credit: Bake Eat Love

Bake Eat Love Box

There's nothing quite like the smell of homemade cookies from mom wafting through the house, and you can help her pursue that baking hobby. Bake Eat Love's monthly box features fun recipes with pre-measured dry ingredients, all she'll need to add is refrigerated staples like butter or eggs. She'll also get baking accessories, ranging from zesters to spatulas, to stock her kitchen with the right tools for baking up treats.

Buy it: Three month subscription, $99;

a box of cocktail mixers
Credit: Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Cocktail making can be fun, but by the time you've purchased all the components for a single recipe, things can quickly add up. Instead, this Mother's Day give her a Shaker & Spoon box. It includes everything she'll need for wow-worthy cocktails — whether that's bitters, syrups, or fun garnishes — all she'll need to buy is the alcohol.

Buy it: Three month subscription, $135;

multiple cans of coffee
Credit: RISE Brewing Co.

RISE Brewing Co.

For the mothers who need a shot of caffeine to start the day, RISE Brewing Company's cold brew product range is the perfect gift. Subscribe for variety packs, or go with specific options like plain nitro cold brew, mocha, or an oat milk latte. 

Buy it: Monthly subscription, $27;

a box of snacks
Credit: Mother Snacker

Mother Snacker

Having a little one can be hard, so that's why Mother Snacker curates delicious snacks with encouraging notes to help moms who may need a little TLC. Give this to the new parent in your life; she's sure to appreciate the monthly box of sweets, beauty products, and inspiring prints.

Buy it: Three month subscription, $168;

a spread of cheese, meats, and wine
Credit: Wine Down Box

Wine Down Box

Give mom the gift of an all-in-one package for the ultimate evening at home. Each mailing from Wine Down Box combines small-batch California wines with artisanal cheeses, crackers, and handcrafted charcuterie, everything she needs for an irresistible snack dinner.

Buy it: Three month subscription, $204;

plates and jars of pickle
Credit: Mouth

Mouth Pickles of the Month Club

Whether she eats them straight out of the jar or throws a spear on everything she serves up, if your mom is a pickle aficionado then Mouth's Pickles of the Month Club is the perfect gift. Each month she'll receive four varieties of pickles, ranging from artisanal products to unique flavor profiles that you can't find in stores. 

Buy it: Three month subscription, $159;

bloomsy flower subscription boxes
Credit: Bloomsy

Bloomsy Flowers

Flowers aren't forever, but they can be delivered regularly so your mom is never without beautiful blooms in her house. Bloomsy Box will curate bouquets of varying sizes all year for weekly or monthly deliveries so mom knows your love for her is as fresh as the flowers she's enjoying.

Buy it: Weekly and monthly subscriptions start at $45;

Self Care Subscription Box
Credit: CrateJoy

CrateJoy TheraBox

If mom needs a little downtime (or at least the encouragement to take some), let CrateJoy's top-rated TheraBox provide a bit of inspiration to turn off the phone and check out of the world for a bit. These boxes frequently feature products worth more than $150 for a bargain price for you. She just knows that you're the best gift giver ever.

Buy it: starts at $31/month;