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We Tried 9 Types of Pita Chips and These Were Our Favorite

Which chip deserves your dip?
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Pita has been a favored bread in Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years. But if you're guessing that pita chips are a bit of a newer invention, you'd be right. Pita chips first entered the wider market in the mid-'90s as a side dish for customers frequenting Stacy Madison's Boston-based sandwich cart. The popularity of those chips led Madison to open her own company in the late 1990s. In the 2000s, when Middle Eastern dips like hummus and baba ghanoush came to the attention of more American eaters, so did pita chips. And from there, several other companies have picked up on Madison's trend.

The increased popularity of pita chips leaves enthusiasts with the pressing question of which company most deserves to eat up their snack budget. Presently, one can find pita chips as well as pita crackers when looking for something to go with their dip. To find out which deserves space in your pantry, we tried out nine different pita chips and crackers, all of which are available online or in stores. Here are our picks, from best to worst.

Best Pita Chips at a Glance

Best Overall: Stacy's Simply Naked Baked Pita Chips
Runner-Up: Open Nature Pita Crackers
Best Pita Cracker: Kellogg's Town House Pita Crackers
Best Thick Pita Chip: Open Nature Original Pita Chips
Best Seasoned Pita Chip: 365 Pita Crackers with Parmesan and Garlic
Best Gluten-Free Pita Chip: Simple Mills Veggie Pita Crackers
Most Dippable Pita Cracker: Aplenty Pita Chips

What We Looked For When Ranking Pita Chips:

Taste: Flavor, as always, is our primary consideration when conducting these tests. While sampling pita chips, we looked for brands that provided quality, toasted chips with hummus-appropriate seasonings, like garlic and parmesan. Chips that were under-seasoned or that seemed to lack salt entirely fell to the bottom of our list.

Price: Pita chips might not be an easy snack food to whip up from scratch, but that doesn't mean they should cost a fortune. Most of the pita chip varieties we sampled charged less than $5 for a bag or box containing at least five ounces; one provided a pound of pita chips for that same price. 

Texture: Some like their chips thick. Some like their chips thin. But no one likes when their chip breaks mid-dip. In addition to judging taste, we took the general texture and durability of the chip into consideration. We also made note of which brands might work best for those who prefer scooped dippers, triangular chips or a simple round cracker. 

Additional Features: Lastly, we tried to keep some of the relevant nutritional facts in mind during this test, especially when it came to sodium content. Most of the chips we tried contained a gram or less of sugar and provided two to four grams of protein, but the sodium content between brands was more wide-ranging, with one containing more than 250 mg per serving. A few, however, included less than half that amount, so if salt is a concern in your diet, we'll be sure to steer you toward the right pick.

How We Tested Each Pita Chip

For this test, I had the pleasure of trying out the pita chip varieties we rounded up solo. To make sure I had a better idea of their flavor and texture when eaten plain, I made sure to eat at least a few chips by themselves first. Since I was also testing 14 varieties of hummus alongside the chips, I then tested the pita chips against at least two different hummus varieties, which allowed me to get a better idea of how each variety tasted with dip, as well as how durable the chips would be against thicker appetizers.  

stacy's simply naked potato chips
Credit: Target

Best Overall: Stacy's Simply Naked Baked Pita Chips

In all respects, Stacy's naked pita chips are exactly what you'd hope for out of a dippable snack. Since the chips are baked, they provide a good crunch, and they're sturdy enough to hold up to thicker dips. For the price point, Stacy also provides a good amount of pita chips, which means there's plenty for both solo snacking and for casual gatherings. The chips are also well salted without the salt taste being overwhelming. Unfortunately, that noticeable saltiness may be its only drawback; of all the brands we sampled, Stacy's had the highest sodium content at 270 milligrams per serving. However, if salt content isn't a concern for you, then Stacy's is well-worth the buy.

Buy It: $3.29, Target

box of open nature pita crackers
Credit: Albertsons

Runner-Up: Open Nature Pita Crackers in Garlic and Herb

AlbertsonsIf you're looking for a pita chip that still stands up to thick dips while attaining more of a cracker consistency, then Open Nature's pita crackers are worth a try. These round pita crackers are lightly seasoned with garlic and herb, which will go great with most savory dips. And despite being tough enough to hold up to most of the hummus varieties we tried, it maintains a somewhat layered, RITZ-like consistency that will please cracker fans and pita chip aficionados alike. (That quality, ironically, was not shared in RITZ's own variety, as we'll explore below.) 

Buy It: $4.49, Albertsons

town house pita crackers
Credit: Walmart

Best Pita Cracker: Kellogg's Town House Pita Crackers in Mediterranean Herb

The largest difference between Open Nature's pita crackers and Kellogg's is the shape — while Open Nature's is round, Kellogg's is triangular. Other than that factor, however, the two pita crackers share much in common in terms of consistency and flavor. The seasoning on Kellogg's is a bit weaker than Open Nature's, but its sodium content is also a bit lower — 120 milligrams per serving instead of 140 milligrams. Depending on how you shop for your groceries, this brand may be a bit hard to find at an affordable price; we found few online retailers offering it for less than $10. But if you happen to  see it in stores with a reasonable price tag, it's worth snatching up.

Buy It: $2.79, Target

open nature pita chips
Credit: Safeway

Best Thick Pita Chip: Open Nature Original Pita Chips with Sea Salt

Personally, I prefer my pita chips on the thinner side. But if you like a chip thick enough to carve a canyon out of a dip, then you'll love Open Nature's pita chips. These large square chips are hefty enough that it's worth breaking them in two just so you don't end up with more chip than dip in any one mouthful. Plus, Open Nature sells this variety in a one pound bag, making it our top pick for dip lovers on a budget. Compared to some of our more seasoned varieties, these chips aren't winning any prizes. But if you want substantial chips — and a lot of them — for not much money, then give Open Nature's product your consideration. 

Buy It: $5.00, Safeway

whole foods pita crackers parmesan and garlic
Credit: Amazon

Best Seasoned Pita Chip: 365 Pita Crackers with Parmesan and Garlic

Between hummus and pita chips, the chips aren't generally the star of the flavor show. But Whole Foods' pita crackers are good enough to eat on their own, a quality we couldn't necessarily ascribe to any of our other picks. Despite the fact that the garlic and parmesan taste is strong when eaten alone, these crackers didn't overwhelm the dips that we paired them with. If you're prone to snacking on crackers by themselves, these are an excellent choice to keep on hand.

Buy It: $2.99, Amazon

Simple Mills Himalayan Salt Veggie Pita Crackers
Credit: Simple Mills

Best Gluten-Free Pita Chip: Simple Mills Veggie Pita Crackers with Himalayan Salt

Sadly, we didn't find many grain-free options in our search for pita chips and crackers. But if your local store keeps Simple Mills in stock, then you're still in luck. These veggie pita chips are a bit on the sweet-tasting side, but those sweet notes complimented the hummus varieties we tested this brand with. The one downside we will note for these crackers, besides the 200 milligrams of sodium per serving, is that they're a bit on the weaker side structurally. During our test, they cracked relatively easy, even with hummus varieties that were a bit thinner. If that doesn't bother you, though, then you'll find Simple Mills' product to be a delightful complement to your dips.

Buy It: $5.99, QFC

aplenty pita chips in bag
Credit: Amazon

Most Dippable Pita Cracker: Aplenty Pita Chips with Sea Salt

Scooped chips seem to be a concept that haven't yet hit the pita chip and cracker market, unfortunately. However, Aplenty's pita chips are the closest you'll get to that concept. These round crackers are slightly concave in the center, making them perfect for scooping up generous portions of your favorite dip. And despite their thinner consistency, these chips held up to most of the thicker hummus varieties we tested it against pretty well. The sea salt also adds a nice touch to the chips without overseasoning them. For hummus fans who aren't shy about scooping up a healthy bite of dip, these pita chips are likely the best pick on the market.  

Buy It: $2.69, Amazon 

ritz toasted pita crackers and whole foods 365 pita chips
Credit: Safeway, Whole Foods

Not Our Favorites: RITZ Toasted Pita Crackers Original Flavors and 365 Pita Chips with Sea Salt

To be honest, we were surprised to find both of these brands disappointing. Crackers are RITZ's flagship product, after all, and Whole Foods' 360 had done spectacularly with the pita cracker variety we sampled. In both cases, however, RITZ crackers and 365's pita chips lacked substantial flavor, outside of tasting (perhaps overly) toasted. We also found that the RITZ crackers lacked the layers we've come to expect from RITZ, along with the sturdiness to make it through some of the hummus varieties we tried out. In 365's case, the pita chips were simply uncomfortably thick in addition to being tasteless. We're hoping that these companies might switch up their formulas for pita dippers in the future; until then, you're better off reaching for another brand. And barring that, there's always pita bread. 

Buy It: $3.99, Safeway; $4.99, Whole Foods