5 Potato Chip Flavors Worth a Trip to the Asian Market Right Now

Branch out for a better chip.

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bags of asian Lay's chips on a colorful background
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You may count yourself as a chip aficionado, enjoying everything from basics like barbeque to fancier flavors like fried green tomatoes. You may even have the local supermarket on speed dial so you can inquire about new releases.

But if you've grown bored with the options the everyday grocery store offers, try shopping at your local Asian market. With unique flavors spanning from crab to cucumber, you're sure to find a few new favorites among the imported snacks. We've rounded up our favorite options from Lay's, each packed with a salty punch and plenty of taste.

Lay's Spicy Crayfish

Lay's Spicy Crayfish chips on a white background

Crayfish, also known as crawfish, are the star of these super savory chips. Each bite has a hit of Cajun flavor, without being overly spicy. The flavor is reminiscent of a low-country boil.

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Lay's Cucumber

Lay's Cucumber chips on a white background

If you've ever wanted to try a chip that's described as "refreshing," then this is the snack for you. Somehow, Lay's has managed to get the taste of fresh cucumbers in these chips, all brightened with a hit of salt and light splash of vinegar flavor.

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Lay's Wasabi

Lay's Wasabi chips on a white background

Get all the taste of wasabi without all the burn in these tasty chips. Each chip has a mild taste of wasabi throughout, with a small hint of sweetness at the end. We dare you to try one on sushi.

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Lay's Fried Crab

Lay's Fried Crab chips on a white background

These fried crab chips don't shy away from the fishiness. Each bite is boldly flavored, with a hint of spices similar to Old Bay seasoning.

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Lay's Green Curry

a bag of Lay's Green Curry Chips

Get all the rich taste of curry with these Thai Lay's chips. With the tanginess of lime, spiciness of chilies, and bold flavor of ginger, you'll swear it came from your favorite restaurant.

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