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We Tried 5 Types of Frozen Mango Bars and These Were Our Favorite

Mango is having a moment.
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If you've journeyed down your dessert aisle recently, you've probably noticed it: mango is having a moment. Especially in the world of frozen favorites, mango has exploded as a popular fruity alternative to some of the more usual summertime flavors, like orange and strawberry. And if you're looking to enjoy mango in its best frosty form, there's no better delight to reach for than a frozen mango fruit bar. 

To help you select the best frozen mango bar to sate your cravings, we rounded up five varieties of mango pops, all of which are available online or in stores. Here are our picks from best to worst.

Best Frozen Mango Bars at a Glance

Best Overall: Jolly Llama Mango Sorbet Pops
Runner-Up: O Organics Mango Fruit Bar
Best Budget Fruit Bar: 365 Mango Bars
Best Low Sugar Fruit Bar: Chloe's Mango Pops
Best Mess-Free Fruit Bar: Good and Gather Mango Fruit Bars

What We Looked For When Ranking Frozen Mango Bars

Taste: Naturally, flavor was our top consideration while trying out these fruit bars. For this test, we looked for pops that packed in plenty of mango flavor. We also took note of which fruit bars tasted the most like their namesake fruit, as opposed to tasting watered down or overly sweet.

Price: Most fruit bar companies boldly brag about their simple ingredients. And true to that promise, most of the pops we sampled contained little more than water, fruit and sugar. Ideally, those low cost ingredients should be reflected in a relatively wallet-friendly price. Most of the brands we sampled cost $4 or less, with only two costing $5 or more.

Texture: Some people prefer their frozen fruit bars to be made out of a completely smooth puree; others don't mind a piece or two of unblended fruit. And then, of course, there's the usual frozen treat conundrums to consider, such as whether the pop in question is too icy and how smoothly it melts. If you're picky about the texture of your popsicles, then keep an eye out for our tips on which mango bar to grab.

Additional Features: Price, taste, and texture weren't our only considerations; we also have taken into account how much sugar each fruit bar contains. Additionally, we've noted how many vitamins and other nutrients you can get from each fruit bar, as some contain significant amounts of Vitamins C or A.

How We Tested Each Frozen Mango Bar

Especially with the summer heat in full swing, this was quite the enjoyable taste test to go through. For this test, I tried each mango pop straight from the freezer and took notes throughout eating them on taste and texture. All of the mango pops were eaten indoors in an unairconditioned house. 

jolly llama mango sorbet pops
Credit: Instacart

Best Overall: Jolly Llama Mango Sorbet Pops

If we're being technical, our favorite in this taste test is more of a push pop than a fruit bar. Still, it meets our criteria of a frozen, fruit-filled treat that contains little or no dairy, so we decided it merits an entry. And we're glad we did, because Jolly Llama's mango pops was the smoothest and most flavor-filled of all the fruit bars we sampled. At 16 grams of sugar per serving, Jolly Llama's sorbet pops also had the second lowest sugar of all its competitors without sacrificing much in terms of volume. Lastly, each pop includes 30 percent of the daily recommended Vitamin C and 100 percent of the daily recommended Vitamin A. While certainly not the cheapest option on our list, if you have the money for a box or two of Jolly Llama's  you won't be sorry.

Buy It: $4.99, Instacart

o organics mango frozen fruit bars
Credit: Safeway

Runner-Up: O Organics Mango Fruit Bar

For citrus fans who prefer slightly more tart taste in their mango pops, O Organics' fruit bar is a fantastic choice. They're slightly smaller than Jolly Llama's, but that makes them easier to eat without mess. O Organics' fruit bars appear to have a pureed base, as they melt relatively smoothly. At 18.5 grams of sugar per serving, they're a bit sweeter than Jolly Llama, but they do also contain 1 percent of a person's daily needed potassium.

Buy It: $3.99, Safeway

365 brand mango bars
Credit: Whole Foods

Best Budget Fruit Bar: Whole Foods Market's 365 Mango Bars

The low price of these bars isn't the only reason we're putting them in the budget section. Simply put, these bars are huge, weighing at least one ounce more than any of its competitors. They also pack in quite a bit more sugar than some of the other options we explored; each fruit bar contains 30 grams of sugar. But, that extra sugar also comes with 40 percent of your daily Vitamin A, 25 percent of your daily Vitamin C and 2 percent of your daily potassium. So if you eat the whole thing, you shouldn't feel too bad. 

Buy It: $2.50, Whole Foods

chloe's mango fruit pops
Credit: Walmart

Best Low Sugar Fruit Bar: Chloe's Mango Pops

Trying to enjoy a fruit bar without taking in too much sucrose? Then Chloe's may be the best brand for you. At 13 grams per pop, Chloe's had the lowest amount of sugar of the competitors we tried. The pop itself was a bit more expensive than some of the others, and a bit icier, but it still contained plenty of mango flavor. If you can bankroll this slightly overpriced mango pop, then its nutritional contents might make it worth the buy.

Buy It: $4.65, Instacart

good &gather mango fruit bars
Credit: Target

Best Mess-Free Fruit Bar: Good and Gather Mango Fruit Bars

The only real drawback to fruit bars is the tendency for the juice to run down your fingers if you don't eat them fast enough. Or, even worse, the bad luck of having a piece of the popsicle break off and go tumbling to the ground. Good and Gather fruit bars still have the potential to do these things, but in our experience, they melted the smoothest and most mess-free of the mango bars we tried. As long as you keep the wrapper around the base of the popsicle, you should have no trouble eating this frozen treat outdoors without things getting too sticky.

Buy It: $3.59, Target