cardboard box with sugar cookies, icing in piping bags, and sprinkles inside

The 10 Best Cookie Decorating Kits for the Whole Family

The holidays just got sweeter. 
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November 14, 2020
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When December rolls around each year, baking cookies suddenly shifts from a weekend pastime to an art form. Cookie cutters turn dough into festive-shaped confections, and the icing and sprinkles bring them to life. 

But if you're like me, this sounds like an awful lot of effort and money. That's where cookie decorating kits come in. These sets feature all the tools you need to make your holiday cookie dreams come true, from piping bags to sprinkles and even decorating utensils. Some kits go as far as to provide pre-made icing and cookies. 

Cookie decorating kits make great gifts, especially when you can't be there to celebrate in person. That's why  we've rounded up a collection of 10 of the best cookie decorating kits on the internet, no matter how you celebrate the season. 

Best Cookie Decorating Kits at a Glance 

Best Cookie Decorating Kits of 2020

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cardboard box with sugar cookies, icing in piping bags, and sprinkles inside
Credit: OkapalCookies/Etsy

Best Christmas Kit: OkapalCookies Christmas DIY Cookie Kit 

This kit encapsulates all things quintessentially Christmas. It features a dozen freshly-baked cookies including three of each of the following designs: Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, and candy canes. On top of this, you get four different bags of pre-made royal icing and three mini bags of sprinkles. One five-star reviewer says, "We had a blast decorating these cookies! It was convenient and they tasted delicious!"

Buy it: OkapalCookies Christmas DIY Cookie Kit, $29; Etsy

Ornament-shaped cookies with white icing and colorful sprinkles
Credit: SweetAmbs

Runner Up Christmas Kit: Ornaments Cookie Kit by SweetAmbs 

If you'd prefer to do the baking yourself, this set includes a cookie mix and royal icing mix in addition to step-by-step instructions — it's nearly impossible to mess up! You'll also get two different ornament cookie cutters, piping bags, decorating tips, and strings for hanging up your masterpieces. This kit gives you the freedom to be creative with your ornament design. 

Buy it: Ornaments Cookie Kit by SweetAmbs, $45; Global Belly 

Menorah-shaped cookies with blue and yellow icing
Credit: Celebration In The Kitchen

Best Hanukkah Kit: Happy Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit 

After you light the menorah, everyone will want in on the fun decorating these Hanukkah-themed cookies. This kit comes complete with 18 pre-made Hanukkah cookies, four bags of colored frosting, and a mix of toppings. 

Buy it: Happy Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit, $50; Celebration In The Kitchen 

Set of plain sugar cookies, piping bags with icing, tools, and marshmallow/ and sprinkle toppings
Credit: Edible Impressions

Best Winter Kit: Edible Impressions Winter Cookie Decorating Kit 

Turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland with this winter-themed cookie kit. It features eight cut-out sugar cookies, including four assorted designs: snowman, snowflake, mitten, and winter hat. Pre-made royal icing, sprinkle sets, and a paintbrush complete this cookie decorating kit. 

Buy it: Edible Impressions Winter Cookie Decorating Kit, $26; Edible Impressions

Wilton gingerbread kit in cardboard box
Credit: Amazon

Best Gingerbread Kit: Wilton Ready-to-Decorate Gingerbread Boy Cookie Decorating Kit 

Decorating gingerbread men is nothing new, but this kit opens a whole new world of opportunity for your gingerbread creations. It includes eight pre-baked cookies, two types of candy toppings, green fondant, three different colors of icings, piping bags, and decorating tips. 

Buy it: Wilton Ready-to-Decorate Gingerbread Boy Cookie Decorating Kit, $23; Amazon

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pack of six red cookie stamps
Credit: Amazon

Best Cookie-Stamping Kit: StarPack Christmas Cookie Stamps 

Cookie stamps allow you to get intricately-designed cookies without the effort of icing them. This set includes six stamps, each with a unique, holiday design. Take it from this Amazon reviewer who says, "These stamps were the best I found in my experimental Christmas cookie baking."

Buy it: StarPack Christmas Cookie Stamps, $12; Amazon

Wilton cookie tools, icing colors, and meringue powder
Credit: Amazon

Best Kit for Beginners: Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit 

If you or someone you know is looking to delve into the world of cookie decorating, this is the kit they need to get started. It includes a meringue mix, eight icing colors, an icing bottle, two different icing tips, and a three-piece tool set. "Do you want to make cookies and have tools that are easy to use? This is the kit for you," says one satisfied customer. 

Buy it: Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit, $31; Amazon

Turntable, piping caps, and other cookie decorating tools
Credit: Amazon

Best Kit for Advanced Decorators: SelfTek Cooking Decorating Turntables 

Treat the more advanced decorators in your life to his revolving turntable set. The 360 degree rotating table gives you maximum control over your decorating at any angle. This set also comes with three icing smoothers, six icing tips, three pastry bags, and a scriber needle. Take it from this reviewer who says, "Purchased this for my granddaughter who is baking and decorating cookies to sell. She loves this and it has helped her do more cookies in less time with better quality of designs."

Buy it: SelfTek Cooking Decorating Turntables, $17; Amazon

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Kasmoire cookie decorating tools
Credit: Amazon

Best Kit for Large Groups: Kasmoire Cookie Decorating Supplies Kit 

The problem with decorating cookies in a large group is there never seems to be enough supplies to go around. This 188-piece decorating kit solves that problem. "It took all the guesswork out of what you need when decorating cookies and cupcakes," says one reviewer. 

Buy it: Kasmoire Cookie Decorating Supplies Kit, $40; Amazon

Children's baking set with red apron
Credit: Amazon

Best Kit for Kids: Riki's Kingdom Kids Baking Set  

While this kit is made for tiny hands, it's not just a toy: Use it to bake and decorate real cookies and cupcakes. It includes 12 silicone baking cups, one spatula, one pastry brush, five measuring spoons, one rolling pin, one whisk, 10 cookie cutters, a piping bag, six piping tips, an apron, and five recipe cards. It's the ideal gift for the little baker in the making. 

Buy it: Riki's Kingdom Kids Baking Set, $29; Amazon

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