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The Best Coffee Bean Subscriptions

Switch up your morning coffee routine with beans delivered right to your doorstep.
By Alexandra Emanuelli
November 12, 2020
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Get your caffeine buzz on with our top seven choices for coffee subscriptions. Just like a delicious dish begins with great ingredients, a choice cup begins with excellent coffee beans. Subscribing to a coffee service takes the effort out of researching high-quality coffee beans, with services sourcing new and delicious brews monthly or weekly depending on your taste.

There are many different types available, whether you're looking to conserve the environment or hoping to expand your palate and taste coffee from places you've never even heard of. Coffee bean subscriptions aren't just for coffee connoisseurs, this ever-expanding category is making it simpler for anyone who loves to get their brew on to indulge in an exquisite cup.

Multiple colorful bags of coffee
Credit: Trade Coffee

The Smart Service

With more than 400 different American roasters, Trade Coffee has a bean for every taste and type of brewer—from novices who are just pulling out their coffee makers to those who take cupping seriously and are pros of the pour-over method. Start with a simple seven-question quiz that queries your interest level, the machine you use, and as well as any add-ins that would affect the flavor of the final brew. The CEO has described Trade as Spotify for coffee, as subscribers are encouraged to rate and review their selections, which allows the algorithm to better select in the future. Each coffee comes with a primer on the roaster and flavor notes.

Subscribe: Trade Coffee Subscription, $15;

Driftaway Coffee Box with coffee beans
Credit: Driftaway Coffee

The Eco-Friendly Option

Marketing itself as a sustainable coffee subscription, Driftaway Coffee has several programs in place to lessen its environmental impact, the most essential being ensuring the health and well-being of coffee plants and growers. With a global coffee crisis looming according to the Fairtrade Foundation, supporting companies that are working to support and protect the environment and planters is crucial for a coffee-filled future. In addition to its feel-good center, the subscription comes with a tasting kit of four different styles of coffee to try. After tasting, rate the coffees for a personalized subscription based on your preferences.

Subscribe: Driftaway Coffee Subscription, $15;

Atlas Coffee Club coffee with peru brochures
Credit: Atlas Coffee Club

The Internationalist

Boasting a curated list of coffees from around the world, Atlas Coffee Club features single-origin micro-lot coffees that truly provide a taste of each place. This subscription is the ideal choice for looking to travel the world, one cup at a time, as each subscription comes with a 12-ounce bag of coffee, tasting notes, and a postcard from each destination. Coffee lovers will adore this brand for its unique sourcing and the encyclopedic knowledge on beans, roasting, brewing, and more. Newbies will find this the ideal way to easily level up their know-how quickly and deliciously.

Subscribe: Atlas Coffee Club Subscription, $14;

Angels' Cup coffee box with coffee beans
Credit: Angels' Cup

The Disruptor

For those looking to challenge their preferences and expand their palates, Angels' Cup could be the subscription for you. Four unlabeled 2.75-ounce coffee samples (enough for four mugs of coffee) arrive with each subscription, allowing the taster to be truly unbiased when drinking. The small sample size is ideal for trying out many new flavors and roast styles, indeed, the brand boasts that subscribers can taste up to 208 new coffees a year with their model. A free app that accompanies the subscription allows users to score their favorite blends and track the flavor profiles, comparing their scores and those of professionals.

Subscribe: Angels' Cup Subscription, $18;

MistoBox with cups of coffee
Credit: MistoBox

The Expert

Matched with a coffee curator, each MistoBox subscription is a truly specialized experience. While the service begins with members answering a few key questions (roast, grind, and blend style) to guide the selection process, it differentiates itself with its coffee experts who use real-time member feedback as well as their own tasting knowledge to determine the best brew for you. The brand also works with award-winning artisan roasters. The pros come in handy when sifting through feedback, both positive and negative, to suggest the best fit for customers. When a customer provides a comment such as "too fruity" may mean the roast was too light, or it may mean it was under-extracted. Parsing through those differences can make all the difference.

Subscribe: MistoBox Subscription, $11;

Yes Plz Coffee and yellow coffee cup
Credit: Yes Plz Coffee

The Aficionado

From the coffee legends Tonx Coffee (which was acquired by Blue Bottle), comes Yes Plz, coffee from people who really really know coffee. Blends of beans are sourced worldwide and roasted in Los Angeles for a seriously delicious bag in each delivery. Each subscription comes with a print zine that covers topics ranging from culture to music and food. The subscription process is surprisingly simple, just select how often you'd like to receive coffee and how much. The rest is in the hands of the experts.

Subscribe: Yes Plz Subscription, $17;

Tandem Coffee Roasters coffee with vinyls
Credit: Tandem Coffee Roasters

A Little Something Extra

Featuring six different subscription types, Tandem Coffee Roasters has something for every kind of coffee lover. Of note is their ultra-unique film and coffee subscription, Double Exposure, launched with photographer James Joiner. More club then mere coffee subscription, it pairs exclusive, small-lot coffee along with a roll of 35mm film and a magazine including photos taken by members. The vinyl and coffee club, called the Good Thing, works on a similar model, pairing a different vinyl record with each subscription. Community with a side of delicious coffee? Sounds good to me.

Subscribe: Tandem Coffee Roasters Subscriptions, $22-$36;

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